Why take an interest in French films and songs when learning French?


We teachers at the CIA know how important songs and films are for students who have decided to come here and take a French course in France. Because we all know that listening is linked to language development. It reminds us of the lovely film La Famille Bélier (The Bélier Family) which shows how people with impaired hearing since childhood are at a disadvantage when they come to learn a language.

To learn a language, it is essential to get used to foreign sounds

To learn a language, it is essential to get your tongue (and your whole mouth) used to pronouncing those foreign sounds – but don’t forget that our hearing plays the most important role! Right from the very beginning of the learning process, the ear must detect, identify and recognize the strange foreign sounds of another language in order for you to reproduce them. Coming to Antibes to learn French in France means that you want to immerse yourself in listening to the rhythms of French. And French-speaking culture also means the cinema. Everyone knows that France is a land of cinema. The Lumière Brothers, Auguste and Louis, invented it 130 years ago in 1895 and France has remained in love with film ever since! France has the highest number of movie theaters in Europe (5500). You’re never far from a cinema. It’s not surprising that France also takes first place in Europe in terms of cinema visits (over 200 million a year) and of the number of new films (around 250 a year). So, if you come to take a course for adults in France at the CIA, you’ll probably go to the cinema in Antibes or Cannes like everyone else and your ear will practice listening to French while you join in one of our favorite cultural activities. In the meantime watch the 5 unmissable French movies.

When you come to France, immerse yourself deep in the language

In order to reproduce the intonation and rhythm of the language, to tune your ear to the music of French, the teachers at the CIA will give you regular listening exercises and will train you with the aid of fun pronunciation activities. And they will also give you advice for after the lessons. Because if, as an adult, you have decided to come and learn French on an immersion course in France, you need to go along with this in-depth immersion. They will suggest radio stations where you can listen to the news in French as well as to French songs. Because the French love their songs too and there’s lots of interest going on there, from Edith Piaf to Jacques Brel. In discovering them you will create your own French-language world.

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