Our goal is to make you fall in love with Antibes, la Côte d’Azur, the school and the French language!

By choosing the Centre International d’Antibes, you will benefit from the high-quality French courses in France, taught by friendly and professional teachers who are willing and able to help you improve your French quickly.But you will also benefit from the services and infrastructure of our school and, of course, explore the town of Antibes at the heart of the Côte d’Azur.

The first day - reception, evaluation of your proficiency and guided tour of Antibes

Monday is the first day of your immersive experience when you will get to know the school, along with other new students, and the town of Antibes.
Our team will welcome you first thing in the morning with a coffee, croissants and orange juice, giving us time to see you one-to-one, issue you with the grammar guide created by the school and your student card which will give you discounts (museums, cinemas etc.).
We will then move onto evaluating your level in spoken and written French. This is then entered in your personal record by the teacher responsible for evaluating your level. This record will be with you throughout your time at the school and becomes an educational monitoring tool. Our test ensures that you are placed with students of the same level and, consequently, that the syllabus is appropriate. The school's teaching department oversees the tests. As such, every new student is in direct contact with the department and our reception staff, the two teams responsible for ensuring that you have a successful stay.

The placement test lasts between 1 hour to 1 hour and thirty minutes (depending on your level). It is followed by a presentation about operational matters at the school and a tour of the premises. A guided tour of the old town of Antibes in French is scheduled in the early afternoon, enabling you to get to know the town and find your way around.
The pleasure of studying in a beautiful school in a comfortable, friendly environment.

The pleasure of studying in a beautiful school in a comfortable, friendly environment

Our main school, called Le Château, has 22 well equipped, air-conditioned classrooms, with TVs, videoprojectors and pleasant communal areas. During break time you can enjoy the garden with its Mediterranean plants, restaurant terrace with a view of the Alps and sea. Indeed, the Château has a restaurant with dishes developed on-site by our chef, at very affordable prices. The reception is open before and after classes and during the break. Reception staff will offer you all the support you need and answer your questions. It acts as the intermediary with our administration. Free WIFI is available throughout. As such, you will be able to work with your laptop on the outdoor tables or in the center's library.

Should you wish, the reception staff will also help you to register at the big municipal mutimedia library, médiathèque Albert Camus d’Antibes, just over 500 yards from the school. Over 4000 yards of floorspace, you will find all sorts of documents: books, albums, newspapers and ournals, music CDs, audio books, films etc…
Our other school, near the port of Antibes and Plage de la Gravette, shares a building with our administrative offices. Here, you will be at the heart of the old commercial town, with its restaurants, Provençal market and stores.

A thorough and effective educational learning pathway

Every week, teachers develops progression for their class according to the group. This weekly syllabus takes into account the French level of their students, any difficulties encountered and attainment and is intended to help you make progress in each spoken and written competency. On Fridays, at the end of each week of classes, the work done in the week is reviewed.

This personalized monitoring is overseen by the teaching department which remains available to answer any questions you have about your classes. Every week an assessment organized for students at the end of which a they are issued with a certificate stating their level and grades. For those who are taking another course, it enables them to move up to the next level.
At the end of the stay, regardless of the length of the stay, each student is issued with a certificate stating the level of French attained and attendance.
To remain in contact with French and our school, you can then log in to our Le Français et Vous educational magazine run by teachers at the school.

You will also find the grammar guide and online exercises on our website.

Plan your language immersion during and after class

Our school aims to uphold close links with its region and town. Juan-les-Pins, the seaside resort that, along with the 3000-year old Mediterranean city, forms the town of Antibes Juan-les-Pins will win you over with its charm, just like the rest of the Côte d’Azur. During and after classes we try to immerse you in this French-speaking environment and introduce you to the unmissable sites, as well as some lesser known ones, and familiarize you with many aspects of French and Provençal life.

The Côte d’Azur's appeal is not in its beaches in Summer by itself. Our region has a rich cultural life with concert halls, museums, major events such as Nice Carnival, the lemon festival in Menton, the Cannes Film Festival and so forth.

To build on your French immersion and help you share in what the town has to offer, a monthly program of events, tout en français, is organized with tastings, guided tours and cultural activities both in the school and in our Castel Arabel and Aragon residences in the town.

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