Teachers with a passion for teaching French as a foreign language

All have a university degree and the required qualifications to teach French as a foreign language. They are registered with the Nice Department of Education (Rectorat) which issues the license to teach. Ten of them are official DELF examiners. Teachers at the Centre International d’Antibes are committed professionals who share the same passion for teaching French as a foreign language (FLE).

Our team 1

One team, different personalities, the same enthusiasm

French courses taught by the teachers of the Centre International d’Antibes are very highly rated by our students. Indeed, many have come back to us, telling us how satisfied they are with the school's teaching methods and asking for the same teacher.

The team is made up of teachers of different ages from a wide range of backgrounds. They all share a love of the French language and the desire to share it. The teaching department's quality standards policy is focused on team work and sharing to increase the effectiveness of teaching. Within a structured educational framework, put in place by the teaching department, teachers enjoy a large degree of autonomy, enabling them to explore their own teaching methods and share them according specific groups.

For new teachers joining the team, a mentoring system is in place. New teachers are supported before and after taking up their position so that they can hit the ground running at the Centre International d’Antibes.

The teaching department driven by the same attitude

Continuous development of skills to optimize teaching” could be our motto. Ensuring that the school philosophy is applied in practice, that teachers, particularly new ones, take ownership of it, that they consider the strategies to be implemented to optimize student speaking time, that work is done on pronunciation, that teachers use ICT.

Our team 2

Teachers are supported by the teaching department in regularly developing their skills. They are observed and training is then put in place to improve certain practices. New classes and courses are developed with the help of willing teachers. Thanks to this team spirit and attitude of mutual support between the teaching team and the teaching department, the Centre International d’Antibes has been able to meet new educational challenges since its creation in 1985 (courses for teens, for school groups, courses for children, courses in European relations for officials, training for diplomas, creation and publication of a monthly online magazine: Le Français et Vous) Some teachers are encouraged to become external trainers and have represented, and continue to represent, the Centre International d’Antibes overseas (Courses in Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, the Republic of Georgia, Eritrea, Austria and Italy).

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