Why learn French?

Apprendre le français

The Centre International d’Antibes offers French lessons in the South of France to people who are keen to understand the language and use it fluently.

 It’s worth noting that understanding French leads to many opportunities in lots of areas. We are a leading school for those who would like to learn the language easily. With 35 years of experience behind us, we employ effective strategies that will get you speaking French very quickly. We offer lessons for everyone, teenagers and adults alike, and for all levels.

Reasons to learn French

There are many reasons to learn French. As the world becomes smaller and smaller, knowledge of French is becoming a key skill. Today, being able to speak and understand the language offers a number of benefits, on both a personal and a professional level.

There are more than 275 million French speakers across the five continents of the globe. It is the official language – or one of the official languages – in nearly 70 states.

In addition, it’s also a strongly preferred working language throughout the world and it remains a working or official language at the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the European Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross and a variety of other international organisations.

French is also the third most commonly used language in business and the third most popular on the Internet. It’s important for people to learn the language it because it is still widely spoken around the world and provides a way into many sectors. It also offers an advantage for your career or business, or if you’d like to continue your studies at some prestigious universities.

Why is it so difficult to learn French?

French is often considered to be a language that is difficult for non-native speakers to learn. Having developed from multiple origins, it has strict grammar rules, quirky spelling and complex conjugations, with numerous tenses to master. The different genders, not to mention the challenges of learning to use tu and vous, can sometimes be challenging in the early stages.

However, contrary to popular belief, French is still very easy to learn. The language does demand a degree of precision and motivation, but you’ll soon find you can express yourself in French after just a few lessons. With this in mind, the Centre International d’Antibes, a French-language school in France, uses an active approach to teaching, which it has developed over many years if you wish learning French in France. Our approach focuses primarily on oral work to encourage language learning and help students to quickly improve their comprehension.

Why should you learn French as a second language?

There are many reasons for studying French as a second language. It enhances your wealth of experience and knowledge, opening up new horizons and enabling you to discover a new and fascinating culture. French is often considered to be the language of culture, and helps to nurture a better understanding of the worlds of fashion, art, history, literature, fine dining and much more.

The benefits of learning French as a second language are almost endless. This is a language which stimulates the brain and encourages communication with new people. It opens many doors and facilitates new relationships. Known for its analytical nature, it helps you to add structure to your thinking and develop a critical mindset.

As you learn French, you’ll become better at marshalling more convincing arguments and presenting different points of view, something that’s enormously useful when engaging in discussions or negotiations. The language helps you to understand other peoples, improve yourself, and discover a world of new ideas and knowledge. Children who learn French very often do better at school.

Why is it important to learn French?

There are many reasons to learn French. First, it will give your career a boost and increase your chances on the job market, both in your own country or internationally. You’ll easily be able to find work in many French and French-speaking multinational companies operating in various sectors of the economy (distribution, the car industry, aerospace, etc.).

Knowledge of French also continues to be a great advantage in business – France attracts a lot of entrepreneurs, investors and businesspeople, and remains one of the world’s leading commercial powers. Mastering French opens up access to highly renowned universities and France’s prestigious grandes écoles, which are among the best higher education institutions in the world, for example the Sorbonne, Sciences Po, HEC, etc.

Learning French makes it easier to learn other languages, too, particularly Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. If you’re thinking about heading off on holiday to Paris or another part of France, it’s also important to know some basic French – a sure-fire way to make your trip more enjoyable. France continues to be one of the most visited countries in the world, and foreign languages are not widely spoken by locals. A good reason to learn the language so that you’ll be able to communicate more easily.


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