A quality policy approved domestically and internationally

Being affiliated to national and international quality standards bodies is the best way of putting this into practice and promoting this policy. Student satisfaction rates, with 25% of them returning within 3 years of their first stay, are the best reward.

SOUFFLE - 1997

The Centre International d'Antibes has been a member of SOUFFLE, the Professional consortium of French as a foreign language providers, since 1997.
Souffle's partners, 16 French language centers across the whole of France, Monaco and Switzerland, commit to upholding high standards of quality in their services and guarantee of good standard of provision.

Souffle members have been awarded official “QUALITÉ FRANÇAIS LANGUE ÉTRANGÈRE" certification by the French ministries of National Education, Higher Education and Research, Foreign Affairs and Culture and Communication.


The Centre International d’Antibes has been accredited by the Ministries of Culture of a number of German Länder which offer students financial support to study at the Centre International d'Antibes.

CSN - 2002

The Centre International d'Antibes courses are accredited by the Swedish governmental body (CSN). As such, Swedish students wishing to improve their French can be awarded a grant. The language course is only approved after students have passed the end-of-stay exam.


The Centre International d'Antibes has been accredited by the French ministries of Education, Culture and Foreign Affairs which, in 2006, through a cross-government commission, created the Label Qualité Français Langue Etrangère. This now represents the best guarantee of the quality of its teaching, infrastructure, hosting and staff. Every four years a highly robust inspection process lasting several days is carried out by two inspectors to check reception conditions, courses, premises available to students and so on.

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