The best French school in France

The best french language school in france

The choice of school should take into account personal preferences (location of the school, cultural opportunities, the kind of accommodation sought, and so on) as well as objective criteria (the accreditations and certifications held by the school, reviews from former students, etc.). 

Why is the Centre International d’Antibes one of the best French schools in France? Are there any official criteria which can help anyone wanting to learn French to make the right choice? How can you combine learning French with a holiday by the sea? 

The best French school in the South of France

The geographical location of a school is hugely important. The region chosen must have lots of advantages and offer what you are looking for in terms of culture, sport and dining. Antibes measures up perfectly! Jules Verne, Jacques Audiberti, Graham Greene and Guy de Maupassant are among the authors who wrote about the beautiful city once known by the ancient Greeks as Antipolis. The Côte d’Azur (literally “the Azure Coast”) is a renowned, prestigious location, first named in 1887 by the writer Stéphen Liegeard.  

In Antibes, you will find the best that this region has to offer, including Le Château, a French language school housed in a Provençal farmhouse set within an oasis of greenery. This is where the majority of classes are held. In addition, not only is there a cheap, efficient public transport network, but with Nice International Airport so close by, Antibes is just a couple of hours at most from Europe’s major capitals. And the 300 days of sunshine a year are a bonus which makes this walled city the ideal location in which to learn French in France.

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The best French school in France for adults

The Centre International d’Antibes is not short of quality accreditations and certifications. Our school is a member of a professional group known as SOUFFLE, which includes 16 language centres. In addition to this mark of quality, the school holds the Qualité FLE certification, which assesses the standard of the teaching, facilities and student welcome, as well as the qualifications and methods of the teachers. This accreditation is awarded only after a rigorous inspection that evaluates all of the criteria noted above. 

When you’re choosing your French language school in France, pay attention to the number of students in each class, as this is an important factor. Classes at the Centre International d’Antibes have a maximum of 12 people, which ensures that teachers can monitor progress properly. It also makes it easier to participate in oral work. 

Finally, there are few schools which offer such a wide selection of classes. At the Centre International d’Antibes, in addition to general French classes, we offer specialist French classes (business French, French for European relations), individual classes and themed classes (sport, meditation, culture and food, etc.). As well as teaching adults, our school also has a strong reputation for its courses aimed at young people, and also hosts school groups.

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The best French school on the Riviera

These days, it’s common practice to check online reviews from other users before buying something or making use of a service. Although care needs to be taken with this approach, feedback from previous students is an effective way to gauge the quality of a French language school. Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google, Trustpilot and EducationStars, which collect student reviews, are valuable tools to help you make your shortlist. Don’t forget to draw your information from a variety of sources – this will give you a better chance of getting a real picture.  

But why should you learn French in France? Whether it’s for pleasure, work or other reasons, it’s worth noting that 150,000 students have placed their trust in us since 1985, and more than 6,000 attend courses at the school each year. This figures are impressive enough to rank the Centre International d’Antibes among France’s most renowned schools. What’s more, the students and groups who choose our school for their French language immersion courses come back again the following year!

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The best French school

Our French courses in France cover all levels and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL). Each student takes an online placement test to determine their level. On the first day, an information meeting is held to share the practical information you need. This marks the beginning of your comprehensive language study holiday in France. At the end of their course, all students receive a certificate stating the level achieved. 

Our teachers, who are all university graduates, stand out due to their passion for teaching, their team spirit, their determination to maximise learning and their experience in teaching French as a foreign language. They will deliver lessons that are lively and appropriate to your level. Drawing on innovative teaching methods with a focus on speaking, our educational philosophy puts students at the heart of the learning process. Each lesson thus becomes a unique opportunity to make progress in French while enjoying a friendly atmosphere.

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