Food specialties of Nice region

le Doube, les spécialités culinaires

The cuisine of the Nice region is unique! A mixture of French and Mediterranean tradition, the Provencal recipes of the French Riviera showcase the best vegetables from the region, the famous olive oil and the pasta and beignets from neighboring Italy. The local cuisine is both tasty and balanced, comforting and full of energy. Today, we present you with the great culinary specialties of Nice.

Daube niçoise (doba nissarda)

The daube niçoise is a beef stew marinated in red wine and tomato. In addition to carrots, celery, and onions, the daube niçoise contains porcini mushrooms, which differentiates it from the daube provençale. Daube niçoise recipe

Pan Bagnat (pan bagnat)

The pan bagnat is basically Provençal burger. Served cold, it is a complete meal placed in a large bun. Inside are all the elements of the salade niçoise : boiled eggs, tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, baby broad beans, basil, olives, baby artichoke, celery, anchovies …and olive oil of course! Pan bagnat recipe

Pissaladière (pissaladiera)

The pissaladière is a delicious tart with onions, anchovies and olives. Originally from Nice, it is eaten throughout Provence. Prepared with a bread dough, it is often seen as a pizza without tomato sauce. Tart or pizza, one thing is sure, it is a treat! Pissaladière recipe

Soupe au pistou (soupo au pistou)

The pistou is basically the Provençal cousin of the Italian pesto. Pistou soup incorporates this tasty preparation of basil, garlic, parmesan and olive oil into a minestrone-style soup. Soupe au pistou recipe

Les beignets de fleur de courgette (li bignéta dé flou dé cougourdéta)

Zucchini flower fritters are a specialty from Nice which consists - as the name suggests – in delicate zucchini flowers caught in batter. They are eaten with saousson, a spicy tomato puree. Beignets de fleur de courgette recipe Would you like to taste these beautiful specialties from Nice? Why not come and spend some time under the sun of the French Riviera? Our bi-monthly “parenthèses gourmandes” will give you the opportunity to treat yourself while improving your French. In addition to the specialties mentioned here, you will discover dozens others such as the succulent socca, the delicious gnocchis and the tasty brissaouda.

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