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Established in 1988, our French language school in Paris is located in the Grands Boulevards district, near l’Opéra, the Louvre, the Pompidou Center and department stores. It is the best place to learn French in Paris with accommodation in the heart of the capital.

In the 30 years since it was established, the school has played host to 60,000 students from 60 different countries who wanted to study and attend French courses in Paris.

  • 20 French lessons

  • Monday to Friday

Price on request

French courses in Paris

Paris, the French capital, offers many cultural activities, museums and fine-dining restaurants. There will be no shortage of these during your language stay in Paris. We invite you to the City of Light where you can learn French quickly and easily.

General course

20 45-minute classes a week

From 9 a.m. to noon/1 p.m., depending on the number of lessons students have chosen, the intensive morning classes accommodate no more than 14 students. After the morning classes, students have free time to explore the city.


20 45-minute classes a week

On two afternoons a week, in addition to the morning classes the school also offers preparatory classes for the DELF exam as well as a business French syllabus in the morning and/or afternoon to suit individual schedules.

The school

These are the perfect conditions for studying French in Paris, at this school in an ideal location on “les Grands Boulevards”, in the heart of the French capital. You will be housed in a typical Parisian building.

Moreover, our French partner school in Paris has 20 classrooms fitted with modern audiovisual equipment, a nice café and chill-out area.


Learn french in paris while enjoying accommodation 550x276

For your stay in Paris a wide range of accommodation suitable for all ages and budgets is on offer. As such, depending on your selection criteria, you can opt for a hotel, apartment hotel or student residence. You can also opt to stay with a Parisian host family.

This accommodation has been chosen with your comfort in mind, taking into account distance from the school and transport facilities.

Good reasons to learn French in Paris

Why learn French in Paris?

This City of Light is a must-visit city for anyone wishing to learn the French culture or language better. Known as the city of romance par excellence, Paris has much to offer. Studying French in Paris allows for a variety of pleasures by integrating the language stay with discovering different aspects of the culture.

French is first and foremost the language of culture and literature

Many writers have lived in the capital, including Victor Hugo who, in 1832, decided to set up home in an apartment on Place des Vosges, where he stayed until 1848. At the end of his life the famous author of Froth on the Daydream, Boris Vian, chose the eighteenth arrondissement as his place of residence. Voltaire, Marcel Pagnol and Romain Gary also chose the Parisian way of life. As for Emile Zola and Alexandre Dumas fils, they were born in the second arrondissement.

But French is also the language of fashion, elegance and refinement.

And these characteristics reflect the city of Paris perfectly! Let’s not forget that the capital remains the center of haute couture. Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, Lanvin have many stores on the Champs-Elysées and the prestigious avenue Montaigne. If you are interested in the luxury sector, Paris is also a very good choice.

Want to get some air after class?

No problem, Paris offers many ideal spots for a walk or a jog. The Tuileries and Luxembourg gardens, Parc Montsouris and the banks of the Seine are all places that are conducive to these activities.

French is the language of thought and the Enlightenment.

You are no doubt aware that Paris is home to the prestigious Sorbonne university. Other places dedicated to higher education include the prestigious Grandes écoles: l’Ecole Polytechnique, l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), HEC, Sciences Po and l’Ecole Normale Supérieure etc. Journalism and advertising schools, engineering schools, hospitality schools, cinema schools: you are spoiled for choice.

The world's oldest city (yes, we can make this claim!) is also an economic and financial center of major importance for Europe and the world. That's fortunate since we all know that a French diploma looks good on a CV and opens up opportunities in many areas (tourism, diplomacy etc.). If you are learning French and looking to improve, it is not just because you love the French language but also the French way of life, one of the characteristics of which is the particular importance placed on the pleasure of eating and drinking. Paris remains the perfect place to get to know and appreciate gastronomy.

Finally, studying in Paris offers you access to an exceptional cultural experience.

You will have the opportunity to find yourself within easy reach of museums like the Pompidou Center with works by artists such as Matisse, Ernst, Braque and Dubuffet. There are also many free museums as well as open-access exhibitions. Not to mention the Louvre, Orsay and the Musée du quai Branly. Of course, if the idea of wandering around museums does not fill you with joy and you prefer to take a trip to Disneyland, that's not a problem!

If you are coming to develop your skills in the language of Molière, be careful not to allow yourself to be distracted by the many temptations on offer in the capital and its surrounding areas.

Mean-spirited people will tell you that nothing compares to the tranquility of the provinces, that Paris is a noisy city, that accommodation is very expensive, that its somewhat arrogant inhabitants waste an unbelievable amount of time in gridlock and that fresh air is a rarity.

Other naysayers will remind you that the Champs-Elysées is famous not just for its luxury stores, but also for demonstrations of charming men dressed in yellow who will take pleasure in creating an atmosphere! The good news is that when listening to their slogans you will have the huge privilege of expanding your vocabulary of slang and informal language.

As for the weather, Paris enjoys one thousand seven hundred hours of sunshine a year. Nice has over one thousand hours more! It’s your choice... Did we mention that Paris has wine? It's true! But the vines in Montmartre do not produce Saint-Emilion or Pétrus! It is indeed true that great chefs such as Christian Le Squer, Michel Rostang, Alain Passard and Joël Robuchon add to Paris’s prestige. But typical Parisian fare also include simple products such as the millefeuille, croque-monsieur, Brie, Paris mushrooms and Paris-style ham. The cuisine of bistros and brasseries is also worthy of interest. Moreover, in terms of gastronomy, cities like Lyon and Bordeaux are also worth a trip.

Although Paris is home to some 110 different nationalities, you must not lose sight of the fact that speaking French all day is a necessary condition for improving. Regardless of whether Parisians are difficult to approach due to their hectic lives: it's up to you to find the energy to get to know them. It is then that you will understand that accusations of snobbery and arrogance are nothing but stereotypes. Finally, learning French in Paname (the slang name for the capital) should not prevent you from learning other accents later, such as the melodious accent of the South, the Picard accent and the accent of the suburbs. To get an idea of the cheeky “parigot” (Parisian French) accent of Belleville or Ménilmontant, you will have to go back to the songs of Edith Piaf and Renaud or the films of Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Gabin, André Pousse or Arletty. Today, Parisians have a more neutral diction since the dialects that once existed in Paris have gradually given way to standard French. In any event, Paris is a city with multiple artistic, cultural and linguistic facets and is all the better for it!

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