Juan-les-Pins: the “hip” neighborhood of Antibes

Juan-les-Pins: a lively, fun place where you can never get bored. Ideal for enjoying summer in France!

If anywhere in France is a hotspot for nightlife and entertainment, it's here. This wonderful place is synonymous with the beach, vacations by the coast, the scent of suncream and relaxation.

The charm of Juan-les-Pins lies in its colors, its beaches and its liveliness. It’s the perfect place for learning French and getting to know a French town which attracts the biggest celebrities every year. Its well-deserved reputation is down to its public and private beaches.

Where is Juan-les-Pins?

Juan-les-Pins is almost equidistant between Nice and Cannes. Near la Place de Gaulle in Antibes, take boulevard Wilson and continue straight ahead: Juan-les-Pins is there since the two towns are right next to each other.

Anyone who has visited this town knows that Juan-les-Pins’ reputation as the “fun” neighborhood of Antibes is well-deserved

Tips and tricks

How much spending money do I need ?

Eating, shopping and day-to-day spending cost money. Prices are the same as in Antibes (€2.50 for a soda, €5-6 for a kebab,€10 for a burger and fries). In terms of spending money, €75 a day is a good ball-park.

Antibes Juan-les-Pins, a town where it is easy to get around

The 28 “Envibus” routes mean it is easy to get around quickly. The train station offers connections to neighboring towns (Cannes, Biot etc.) NB: since there is a limited bus service at night, the regional train (TER) is a good alternative.

And the weather ?

Juan-les-Pins is a town with an ideal climate for a language stay in France. The sun often shines but a lightweight coat and closed shoes wouldn’t go amiss in the event of storms. For the rest of the year alternate between warm and lightweight clothing.


What is there to do in the town?

In Juan, everything is within easy reach as the town isn't very big and you also have easy access to Antibes’ recreational spaces. Unwinding after class or at weekends is not a problem. Having fun is important after time spent studying in class! Those wishing to work as a team can opt for an escape game to engage their brains. Formula 1 or rally fans will get guaranteed thrills with race simulators. For others, Laser Quest and bowling in Antibes will be the perfect choice. We also recommend the Luna Shop Center, a games arcade in the town center. Juan is a mecca for nightlife and home to the region’s best known nightclubs. There is no doubt that here boredom is not an option! Finally,the town's train station offers daily transport links to the theme park Antibes Land. With attractions such as “Adrénaline” and “Booster Nasa”, thrill-seekers won't be disappointed…

Which sports are popular in Juan-les-Pins?

The more sporty among you will quickly see that Juan is a paradise for water sports and board sports. Juan-les-Pins is a playground for people of all tastes and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, wakeboarding and snorkeling (or “randonnée aquatique” in French) are very popular. And what about a banana boat race, a jet-ski session or trying your hand at parasailing? As for more “chilled” activities like paddle-boarding, Juan is also an ideal spot.

What if you get a bit peckish?

Juan-les-Pins has something for every young person. If you’re a bit peckish after the beach, nothing is easier than finding somewhere to eat: the town has all the characteristics of a food-lover's paradise. Having a pizza then enjoying an ice cream whilst strolling along the boulevard Guillaumont or window-shopping is an unforgettable experience. A fan of fastfood and snacks? Food is available at night in the form of snack food and takeaways. A McDonalds is open in the daytime near the Antibes-les-Pins quarter. For a scoop of ice cream or a fruit juice, the famous “Pam-Pam” is the dream hang-out. The “Crysal” and “La Réserve” are great for sushi and crêpes.

Where is there to shop?

Communicating with a sales assistant, asking for prices and asking questions are useful practical exercises for improving your proficiency in French. It’s a good thing since shopping is one of this town’s strong points. Indeed, there are dozens of clothing stores dotted all over the place. Buying a pair of sunglasses, a fashionable swimsuit, street wear or beach wear has never been so easy. For food shopping there are of course many mini-marts serving local residents.

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