A town focused on young people and the ocean

105 miles from Bordeaux, 23 miles from San Sebastian and 2.5 hours from Toulouse, this town in the South-West of France is the European surfing capital. And the title is well deserved!

Indeed, many water sports enthusiasts come from all around the world to take advantage of the legendary beaches that are among the finest in France. Biarritz is not only the ideal place to participate in many sports (rugby, pelota, tennis, golf etc.) but also attracts thousands of young people in search of sea and sun in the summer.

Combining modernity and an attachment to traditions, this town on the Atlantic coast offers easy access to the ocean and has good transport links. It has an airport (1.8 miles from the town center) with direct flights to Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Dublin, Frankfurt and Barcelona. For those who prefer the high-speed train, Biarritz is a 4.5-hour train ride from Paris-Montparnasse. 

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Biarritz: an ideal destination for young adults

Feel like going shopping? The town is perfect if you feel like wandering around the shops: les Halles, la place Clémenceau and Saint-Charles district are ideal spots for indulging in your favorite pastime.

There is something for everyone with all clothing styles available in the stores (chic, trendy, sports clothes etc). If you are feeling a bit peckish, you are spoiled for choice. Many reasonably-priced snacks are on offer including salads, sandwiches and home-made burgers.

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Tips and tricks


How much do things cost ?

Your budget must cover all spending on meals, travel, buying souvenirs, leisure activities, shopping etc. Budget €2.50 for a soda and on average €20 for a set menu in a café or bar. For a snack (wrap, sandwich, drink etc.) set aside €15.

An average of €75 a day is suggested depending on personal requirements.


Biarritz, a well-connected city

For short journeys, walking is the best way to get around Biarritz. In terms of buses, the local company Chronoplus offers free electric shuttle buses to get from the town center to the most popular beaches. This transport company also runs services to Biarritz Pays Basque Airport and the railway station.

As for taxis, they are available day and night.


And what about the weather ?

In terms of the weather, average temperatures in Biarritz are as follows: between 8°C and 12°C (46-54 F) in winter, 14°C and 18°C (57-64 F) in spring, 25°C and 35°C (77-96 F) in summer and 15°C and 23°C (59-73 F) in autumn. In summer the temperature of the water is close to 21°C and the weather is sunny but never oppressive as a sea wind blows in from the Atlantic coast.

Suncream, lightweight clothing and sunglasses are a must! Bring a jacket for cooler evenings. The rest of the year in Aquitaine the weather can change quickly but is always mild.

Learn more about Biarritz

The city of a four-mile-long beach

It plays host to almost 400 events and 200,000 visitors every year! But it has more going for it than business tourism and thalassotherapy. Biarritz is also the perfect destination for teens who want to attend a language camp.

A perfect destination for young adults

What could be better? Miramar, Grande Plage, Port Vieux are places to explore. For surfing enthusiasts, the plage de Marbella and above all the Côte des Basques (voted the best beach in France in 2019 by Tripadvisor) are all unmissable spots. For teens who prefer less physical activities, the municipal multimedia library and a cinema on Avenue du Maréchal Foch provide an opportunity to relax and improve yourself. When you have some free time, La Cité de l’Océan will provide you with an unforgettable experience with its entertainment and interactive shows on the marine world (3D animations, 360° virtual tour, 5D surf sensation etc.) In addition, Biarritz's aquarium allows you to see sharks in a huge 1 square mile tank and watch the seals at meal time!

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