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General information – Junior Programs

This section is a description of our Junior Programs that is common to all our destinations. You will find specific information about each program on the page of each destination.

Quick access: JUNIOR PROGRAMS – General information

Quick access: DESTINATIONS – Specific information

Presentation of the Junior programs (aged 8-17)

ATOLL JUNIORS destinations:

  • ANTIBES (French Riviera) : 8-17 years old From Easter to Autumn. Accommodation in Antibes: campus, residence or host family.
  • CANNES (French Riviera) : 13-17 years old During Summer. Accommodation in Cannes: campus or host family.
  • JUAN LES PINS  (French Riviera) : 13-17  years old During Summer. Accommodation in Juan les Pins : Castel Arabel résidence.



We offer the following courses:

  • Intensive course – Antibes and Cannes. 26 lessons x 45min/week From Monday to Friday 9am-12.20pm* and on Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm-4.00pm. 15 students maximum per class in the morning, 8 in the afternoon.
  • DELF juniors – Antibes in Summer. 26 lessons x 45min/week Minimum entry level: A2, Session dates: 24.06 – 07.07 / 09.07 – 21.07 / 22.07 – 04.08 / 05.08 – 18.08 From Monday to Friday 9am-12.15pm* and on Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm-4.00pm. 15 students maximum per class in the morning, 8 in the afternoon. More details
  • Abiturkurs – Antibes in Summer. 29 lessons x 45min/week Minimum entry level: B1, Session dates: 29.07 – 11.08 From Monday to Friday 9am-12.20pm* and on Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm-4.00pm. 15 students maximum per class in the morning, 10 in the afternoon. More details
  • Individual course, 13-17 years old  – Antibes, Cannes and Hyères. Number of lessons on request. Download the course guide

*Break : 20 min. break in the morning.


  • No classes on the first day: Morning : Introduction meeting and written & oral tests / Afternoon : visit of the city.
  • No classes on public holidays the lessons are neither replaced nor refunded except for the individual classes.


Accomodation Full Board in Campus or Host family

We offer 3 types of accommodation for kids and teens : in the campus during the summer, in the residence in spring and autumn, in a host family all the year round.

CAMPUSES: Antibes and Cannes.

They are large and adapted structures of 150 to 300 beds (rooms for 2, 3 or 4 students). All necessary facilities are available on the premises: accommodation, classrooms, restaurants, cafeteria/snack, mobile swimming pool, sports fields and large green spaces.

Weekend transfers (included)

Transfers to and from the train station or the airport upon arrival (Sundays), and before departure (Saturdays) are included in the price. There is a supplement for transfers provided on week days. ROOMS: There are pleasant light and airy rooms equipped for 2, 3 or 4 students with large windows. Possibility of accommodation in single room for a supplement. The rooms have their own private storage space and either a private bathroom or a shared bathroom located on each floor.* MEALS: All meals are taken on campus except on weekend’s excursions days (packed lunch is provided). Most meals are presented in the form of a buffet corresponding to the requirements of vegetarian diet. SWIMMING POOL: The Antibes, Cannes and Hyères campuses each feature a mobile swimming pool of 16 meters long. HOUSEKEEPING:

  • Sheets are provided (but not towels) and are changed weekly.
  • Light cleaning is done daily and the residence is cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their room reasonably clean and tidy.


  • Public telephone/fax
  • Cafeteria and/or vending machines
  • Coin-operated Launderette
  • TV room


Accommodation during the Easter, Pentecost and Autumn programs in Antibes will be in our smaller sized residences (Castel Arabel and Couleurs Soleil). Free Shuttle Service (according to our timetable):

  • Every afternoon : from 1.15pm until 7.30pm
  • Tuesday or Wednesday evening: from 8pm until 11pm
  • Friday (from 8.30pm until 1am), Saturday and evenings prior to public holidays : from 9.30am until 1am


HOST FAMILIES: Antibes and Cannes

We take the greatest care in selecting our host families. Most of them welcome students for many years and we visit them on a regular basis. Students will receive information about their host families 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Transfers (included)

The host family will meet the student upon his/her arrival at the station or at airport and, at the end of the program, will drive him/her back to the relevant departure point. HOW TO GO TO SCHOOL Preference is given to host families based near the school. However, some may need to take the bus to get to school mainly during the summer (max. 30 min).

  • At all our destinations, public transportation is reasonably priced and well organized. Most of services tend to terminate at 8pm.
  • One night per week (i.e. after « Barbecue ») a shuttle bus will be organized by our tour leaders to drop students off near their host family’s home.

ROOMS: Double or single rooms (for a supplement). MEALS: From Monday to Friday, students will have lunch at the school after lessons. A packed lunch is provided during weekend’s excursions days. All other meals will be taken with the host family. HOUSEKEEPING: Sheets (but not towels) will be provided by the host family and will be changed once a week. The student is responsible for keeping his/her room reasonably clean and tidy. Students can ask their host family to use their washing machine at a cost of 2€ per load to be paid directly to the family.


Sharing the room: If the students have to share a room, we will do our best to place them with another student of the similar age, but who has not the same mother language.


Students are under supervision 24/7, except during the periods allowed by their permissions to go out provided by their parents (except 8-12). Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions, organize games, join in during the meals and overall being available to assist the students. Moreover, a progam consisting of evening activities and excursions is organised on a weekly basis : EACH WEEK: Excursions:

  • One full-day excursion
  • Two half-day excursions or organized activities off campus

Afternoon’s activities:

  • Our tour leaders organize various activities such as: Sport tournaments, games, themed activities, entertainment, French films…
  • A shuttle service will also be available if students wish to go to the beach or to the city center, except for Cannes school which is at walking distance from the beaches and the city center.

Evening’s activities :

  • One barbecue evening for all students (campus and host families)
  • One disco or thematic evening (at the Atoll junior premises) only for students accommodated on campus
  • Entertainment evenings: our tour leaders organize games and fun activities such as cabaret, casino, games, Olympic games, shows… (only for students accommodated on campus).

KIOSK ACTIVITIES (to be booked and paid on the spot): In addition to our activity program, there is a choice of extra activities such as water-skiing, horse-riding, paragliding… These activities are provided by carefully selected national instructors or adequately qualified external providers to ensure the greatest standards of safety.


Notes: We highly recommend that students are given parental authorization to go out.

About the parental authorization : From experience we know that students who are not allowed to go out will feel frustrated after arrival and will ask to change the status of their parental permission. We must receive parental authorization to go out prior to each student’s arrival.

Additional Information Arrival & departure

Arrivals are on Sundays and departures are on Saturdays. However, it is possible to reserve one extra day upon arrival and/or before departure (at a supplement). Airport: There is a shared transfer to the campus. Upon their arrival in Nice International airport, your child will be met by our representative who will be wearing a yellow CIA T-shirt. We are offering several shared transfers during the day (approximately 2 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon). That means that before being transferred to the campus, your child may have to wait with a group leader in order to gather students arriving via other incoming flights (maximum of 2 hours). Your child will be accompanied by a member of our staff during any waiting time spent at the airport. No class on the day of arrival as this first day is dedicated to the information meeting, the visit of the city and the placement tests. No class on public holidays, lessons are neither replaced nor refunded. Please make sure we receive the compulsory arrival & departure, going out and health form prior to the student’s arrival. You can also use your own form, as long as all mandatory information requested (see our form) is included.

Notes: All the Juniors Welcome Packs can be downloaded from the page

Parental Authorization to go out: conditions

The “evening going out permission” conditions depend on your child age and the type of the accommodation All outings are strictly controlled by our staff and subject to parental permission. Permission to go out depends on the child’s age :

  • Ages 8-12 : No authorisation to go out without supervision. Animations are organised on campus during their free periods other than the planned activities and excursions.
  • Ages 13-15 : Students are automatically authorized to go out between the end of lunch (1.30pm) and the start of dinner (7.30pm).
  • Ages 16-17 : For students living on campus or in a residence, parents can give them permission to go out unaccompanied in the evenings under the following conditions :
    • One evening a week (Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the center) until 11.00pm
    • Fridays, Saturday evenings and days before a French public holiday until 1.00am

    Students living with host families can automatically go out alone under the following conditions :

    • Two evenings a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) until 11.00pm
    • Fridays, Saturday evenings and days before a French public holiday until 1.00am


  • During evenings when children are not allowed to go out by themselves, accompanied excursions and thematic events are proposed by our team for students accommodated on campus.
  • We reserve the right to exclude students in case of abuse of the school rules and/or unacceptable behavior.
  • We will inform parents in case of any abuse concerning the time limits by the student.
  • We reserve the right to suspend the going out permission if deemed necessary.

ATOLL JUNIORS was created by the founding management of the CENTRE INTERNATIONAL D’ANTIBES, an expert in the organization of language holidays for young people since 1985. ATOLL JUNIORS is recognized by the French authorities and in full compliance with the French safety, hygiene and supervision regulations.

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