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Juan-les-Pins Premium 8-1112-17

The fun district of Antibes

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Located between Nice and Cannes, Juan-les-Pins symbolizes the luxury of the Côte d'Azur. Lively and glamorous, Juan-les-Pins has a recent but fascinating history. 

Juan attracts tourists with its colors, pine forest, beaches and prestigious establishments. Heavily influenced by tourism, this urban neighborhood adds significantly to the appeal of the town of Antibes. A symbol of jazz in the post-war years, Juan-les-Pins is constantly reinventing itself whilst maintaining a highly sought after and internationally recognized “art de vivre” which, each year, attracts the biggest celebrities; particularly for Cannes Festival and for its private beaches that offer a blend of sophistication and pleasure

Juan-les-Pins is a music hot spot that will appeal to most. So what are you waiting for?  Let yourself be carried away by the rousing rhythm of the music venues and events of Juan-les-Pins.


The perfect town for a kids’ vacation

Jet ski

Alongside our VIP course in Juan-les-Pins, teens will have the opportunity to try out new leisure activities.

Believe us when we say that our experience of managing activities has shown us that there are a great number of requests and these must not be disregarded.
As an integral part of the town of Antibes, Juan-les-Pins will offer all of the same advantages. The Antibes municipality has everything. Want to use your hive mind as a team? Escape Games will occupy your mind. Fan of Formula 1 or rally driving? Motor racing simulators will engage all of your senses. Looking for an atmosphere with techno music and fluorescent lights? “Lazer Quest” with its thrills is there! 

In parallel, you will find a movie theater with all the big movies of the moment in original version every Tuesday night and a retro-gaming games room in the heart of Juan. As you can see, Juan offers a wide range of activities, all as innovative as each other. 

But rest assured, sports enthusiasts won't be left behind. “Wakeboarding”, “snorkeling”, “fly and banana boating”, water scooters and even water-ski-ing are on offer throughout the season. Read more

 All that will remain will be for you to relax on the luxurious private beaches of Juan-les-Pins or in the coves and great expanses of fine sand.  You can combine these moments of rest with your lunch break since Juan-les-Pins has all the features of a food capital. A local, Italian, or high-end restaurant, it’s your choice. A fastfood and snacking enthusiast? Nighttime food services combine with major outlets and you will have no problem finding a McDonalds, Burger King or Subway throughout the town. As you can see, it is impossible to stay hungry in Juan-les-Pins.
Our experience of activities and camps for teens means that we don’t neglect their requirements or needs.  As such, shopping should not be forgotten. Juan has lots of little stores with a wide range of products. Students can go to the daily evening market before wandering along the coast of Juan with their purchases and trying out its many theme bars, Cocktails and ice-cream sundaes, “Pampam”, “Crystal” “La Réserve” and “l’Hemingway”, everyone will find what they are looking for.


During the Summer season the music festival “Jazz à Juan” plays host to the biggest international stars from the 1970s to the present. Affordable prices and the charm of the pine forest will help you to appreciate the moment. Finally, the railway station of Juan-les-Pins offers daily connections to the theme park, AntibesLand. Here you will find something to spice up your evenings. Do you dare to brave the “Adrenaline” ride?
So, Juan-les-Pins fully deserves its reputation as the fun district of Antibes. What are you waiting for? Give in to temptation!

Tips and tricks

What do things cost? How much pocket money do I need?

Money matters

Souvenirs, food, shopping, leisure, the possibilities are endless and costs can vary. From €2.20 for a soda to €25-30 for a full meal, via baguette sandwiches at €7, prices vary greatly. €75 a week seems a reasonable budget with which to take full advantage of the entertainment the town has to offer.

Antibes-Juan les Pins, a mobile town.

Shuttle bus for the Premium program

As explained in more detail on the page Antibes, in Juan les Pins our students can count on 27 Envibus routes in order to take advantage of the large number of activities in the town. Since the railway station is in the center of Juan-les-Pins, they can also easily reach neighboring towns. Our school has also entered into a partnership with local taxis. Upon showing their school card, our students will be given preferential rates after 8pm when they travel in fours.

And what about the weather?

Sunny Juan-les-Pins

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Antibes has a most pleasant climate. Temperatures are mild, 8-12° (46-54 F) in Winter and 25°-35° (59-73 F) in summer, allowing vacationers to freely enjoy the town and its terraces. As such, beach accessories and lightweight clothing are essential from mid-May to the end of September. You can complement them with a few lightweight jackets and closed shoes in order to protect yourself in the rare moments when it is colder and to wear for your sporting activities. For the rest of the year, you’ll need a variety of warm and lightweight clothing and to anticipate any rainfall since, yes, despite all of its plus points, it does sometimes rain on the Côte d’Azur.


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