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Cannes beach Croisette

Cannes Plus 12-1516-17

A town of international prestige

Beach, beach, and beach Many people come to Cannes for its beaches
Private and public beaches Cannes is home to many private and public beaches
Red buildings and cactuses at Cannes There is plenty of architecture and nature to admire in Cannes
Boulevard de la Croisette Boulevard de la Croisette at night
Cannes Walk Of Fame Visit the star-studded floor in Cannes
Palais des Festivals The world-renowned Cannes Film Festival is held here at Palais des Festivals
A breathtaking photo of Cannes Cannes is a stunning Mediterranean city
Cinema in Cannes Mural painting of different movie icons in Cannes
Beautiful streets of Cannes Explore the many beautiful streets of Cannes
Mural paintings in Cannes You can find buildings with mural painting sin Cannes

Halfway between Monaco and Saint-Tropez, Cannes is a Mediterranean town with stunning fine sandy beaches and wide-ranging activities.

Every year, teens like to wander the streets of this little city of 75,000 inhabitants. Here they discover cultural heritage centered on the movies and are able to enjoy a high degree of autonomy at the heart of this safe, authentic, international city. The many events are evidence of its cultural diversity.

Red carpet, Cannes Festival International des Jeux (Cannes International Gaming Festival), NRJ Music Awards, Ninja Warrior, Cannes is a town that is alive 365 days a year. Yet the human scale of this city gives it a reassuring edge and stops it from falling into disruptive frenzy. It is no accident that the stars come out in force here. So, Cannes has many attractions and it would be a shame to miss them....What are you waiting for? Join the celebrities of the movie world in exploring the city of the Palme d’Or!

Map Cannes

Sport, movies and culture: a cutting edge city

A walkway in Cannes

Cannes offers a full and generous range of options to suit the requirements of kids and teens with a wide variety of restaurants.

Local, Italian, Swiss or Chinese cuisine, it’s your choice. Prefer fast-food and snacking? The major chains are here and you will have no problem finding a McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks or Subway. Prefer more traditional cuisine? The large number of kiosks in the city offer you a wide range of crêpes, ice-creams, waffles and churros. As you can see, any student looking for different flavors will never be disappointed in Cannes. After eating, it's time for exercise. According to our group leaders, there is a wide range of leisure activities in the city which will give each of you the opportunity to really have fun

Des complexes et palpitants « Escape Game » aux simulateurs de courses automobiles en passant par le traditionnel « Lazer Quest », les sensations sont là ! Vous en voulez encore ? Aucun problème, des simulateurs de vol et de réalité virtuelle sont à votre disposition ! Expérience et sensations fortes garanties !From the complicated and exciting Escape Game to motor racing simulators via the traditional Lazer Quest, thrills are not in short supply! Want more? No problem, flight simulators and virtual reality are there for you! Experiences and thrills guaranteed!

Cannes offers you a wide range of high-tech activities but rest assured, the athletes among you will not be neglected. Read more

Ninja Warrior, obstacle courses, BigAirBag, bowling, climbing wall, dodgeball...it's all there. Love sun and sea? You are spoiled for choice. Water-ski-ing, parasailing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, fly and banana boating will all be on offer throughout the Summer season. Prefer a bit of peace and quiet on vacation and to remain idle? The public and private beaches, coves and open spaces will give you the opportunity to rest and enjoy the Côte d'Azur heat.


Finally, be aware that the Cannes International Film Festival has given Cannes a real passion for movies. As such, you will find a number of state-of-the-art cinemas with many premières.
Working with kids and teens is about introducing them to things but also actively listening to what they want. As such, we mustn’t forget to set aside time for shopping. Boys or girls, luxury, haute couture or more classical, everything is possible. Students can wander along the Croisette and through the streets of Cannes with their purchases and explore its many bars as well as the quiet and panoramic view of the Suquet.
At the heart of the coast, with a very good transport system as well as a very wide range of leisure activities on offer, Cannes fully deserves its status as an international city. What are you waiting for? Take a leaf out of the book of the most famous stars and give in to temptation!

Tips and tricks

What do things cost? How much pocket money do I need?

Exclusive Cannes

Souvenirs, food, shopping, leisure, the possibilities are endless and costs can vary. From €2.50 for a soda to €30 for a full meal, via baguette sandwiches at €7, prices vary greatly. Once any transport costs are added, the sum of €75 a day seems a reasonable amount. However, this can be adjusted and is just a guide to inform your own thinking on the subject.

Cannes, a city with very good public transport


Our students can rely on the excellent service of the PalmBus to take advantage of the many activities on offer in the municipality. From a single journey to a weekly or monthly pass, transport options are wide-ranging and comprehensive. Note that any student enrolled on our course will have a bus pass for the whole stay. The Cannes-based company is innovative and user-focussed so now offers a downloadable mobile application that provides access to all of its services. Similarly, the network offers access to all districts of the town on its perfectly maintained buses. As such, it is much easier to plan ahead and schedule travel. A multimodal transport hub means students can travel on SNCF trains, PalmBus buses but also on the regional public transport system, Bus TAM 06. Once again, Cannes offers extensive transport options including a large number of nighttime services. .

And what about the weather?

The sunny Cannes

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Cannes has a most pleasant climate. Temperatures are mild, 8-12° (46-54 F) in Winter and 25°-35° (59-73 F) in summer, allowing vacationers to freely enjoy the town and its terraces. As such, beach accessories and lightweight clothing are essential from mid-May to the end of September. You can complement them with a few lightweight jackets and closed shoes in order to protect yourself in the rare moments when it is colder and to wear for your sporting activities. For the rest of the year, you’ll need a variety of warm and lightweight clothing and to anticipate any rainfall since, yes, despite all of its plus points, it does sometimes rain on the Côte d’Azur.


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