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The jewel of the Côte d'Azur

Port of Antibes and Antibes Old Town Bird's eye view of the port of Antibes and the Old Town
Boats in Golfe Juan Golfe Juan se situe entre Antibes et Cannes et abrite de nombreux bateaux
Nomade at the Bastion Saint-Jaume The remarkable Nomade sculpture that depicts a man staring out to sea
Mountains, buildings and sea in Antibes A stunning view of palm trees, boats, and Antibes Old Town with the mountains on the background
Sea view in Antibes A panoramic sea view from the Old Town of Antibes
Antibes Old Town streets A cobbled street in Antibes Old Town

Some 6 miles from  Cannes and 15 miles from Nice and its international airport, Antibes is at the heart of the coast and the Côte d'Azur metropolis.

Considered the jewel of the “French Riviera”, this town of 70,000 inhabitants has a fascinating and prosperous history. Without forgetting its past, the town has gradually turned towards modernity and now offers a range of attractive services.

As a result of these choices, life in Antibes now centers on a multitude of leisure activities combined with a pleasant and safe living environment. This highly valued “art de vivre” (lifestyle) has gained international recognition and is the source of great happiness for its inhabitants and tourists. As proof, from Sean Connery and Kim Basinger, when filming of 007 Never Say Never Again, to Madonna, Julia Roberts, Beyoncé, Jay Z and Rihanna, the international stars come in large numbers to wander the streets of Antibes. So why not take a leaf out of their book?!


The perfect town for a kids’ vacation

Jet ski

In addition to our programs of activities, teens can indulge in many leisure activities and, according to our group leaders, the requests are many!

From the recent and very well-known Escape Game to car racing simulators via the traditional Lazer Quest, thrills are not in short supply! In parallel, you will find a movie theater with all the big movies of the moment, in original version every Tuesday night and a retro-gaming games room.

Antibes offers you a wide range of activities based on new technologies. But rest assured, sports enthusiasts won't be left behind. Bubble foot, wakeboard, snorkeling, bowling and even water ski-ing will be available throughout the season. Fan of tennis or golf? Once again the town will meet your requirements, offering you an 18-hole course and clay courts that might just take you to the gates of Roland Garros. Prefer to remain idle? No problem. The wide range of pebble and sandy beaches, coves and open spaces, and the Antibes Olympic pool will give you the opportunity to rest and enjoy the Côte d'Azur heat.

As the old adage says, after effort comes the reward. Here again, Antibes has everything you need with a wide range of food options. Local, italian, Lebanese or Indian cuisine, it’s your choice.Read more

A fastfood and snacking enthusiast? The usual suspects are all here and you will have no problem finding a McDonalds, Burger King or Subway. Want something traditional? The best crêpes on the coast are at the plage de la Garoupe and multiple ice-cream makers will offer you their flavors. As you can see, students who want to tickle their taste buds will always find what they are looking for in Antibes.

Our experience of organizing group activities means that we don't neglect the requirements and needs of our students. As such, shopping should be included when organizing their stay. Whether boys or girls, trendy or retro-chic, anything is possible. With their souvenirs and other purchases, students can wander the streets of Antibes carefree. They can explore many bars, museums, including the Picasso and Peynet museums, and its book stores, whether generalist or specialized in comics and mangas, as well as its amazing media library.

Finally, Antibes railway station offers daily connections to the theme park, AntibesLand. Here you will find something to spice up your evenings. Do you dare to brave the “Adrenaline” ride? In an ideal location and with lots to offer in terms of culture, transport and leisure, Antibes fully deserves its nickname, the “Jewel of the Côte d'Azur” What are you waiting for? Give in to temptation!

Tips and tricks

What do things cost? How much pocket money do I need?

characteristic street

Souvenirs, food, shopping, leisure, the possibilities are endless and costs can vary. From €2.20 for a soda to €25-30 for a full meal, via baguette sandwiches at €7, prices vary greatly. Once any transport costs are added, the sum of €75 a day seems a reasonable amount. However, this can be adjusted and is just a guide to inform your own thinking on the subject.

Antibes, a mobile town

means of transport

Our students can count on 27 Envibus routes in order to take advantage of the large number of activities in the town. From a single journey to a weekly or monthly pass, transport options are wide-ranging and comprehensive. The Antibes-based company is innovative and user-focused and, as such, now offers a downloadable mobile application that provides access to all of its services. Similarly, the network offers access to all districts of the town on its pretty pink buses. As such, it is much easier to plan ahead and schedule travel. Antibes has a multimodal transport hub and our students can travel on SNCF trains, local Envibus buses but also on the regional public transport network, “Bus TAM 06”. Once again, Antibes offers extensive transport options. In addition to this there are local taxis. Indeed, as a result of a partnership with them, upon showing their school card, our students will be given preferential rates after 8pm when they travel in fours.

And what about the weather?

sea and sunset

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Antibes has a most pleasant climate. Temperatures are mild, 8-12° (46-54F) in Winter and 25°-35° (59-73F) in Summer, allowing vacationers to freely enjoy the town and its terraces. As such, beach accessories and lightweight clothing are essential from mid-May to the end of September. You can complement them with a few lightweight jackets and closed shoes in order to protect yourself in the rare moments when it is colder and to wear for your sporting activities. For the rest of the year, you’ll need a variety of warm and lightweight clothing and to anticipate any rainfall since, yes, despite all of its plus points, it does sometimes rain on the Côte d’Azur.


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