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Antibes Essential 6-78-1112-17

Accommodation in Antibes

Two Summer Camps

In Summer, the Centre international d’Antibes offers two campuses with all of the necessary facilities and are fully-equipped living quarters
From the classrooms to the bedrooms, the restaurant to the sports pitches, the swimming pools to the auditoriums, our campuses are “Club Villages” where a way of life becomes established.

Campus Horticole

Situation : The campus is 1.5 miles from the town center and beaches.School shuttle buses provide transportation for supervised excursions or to bring them back from any free time agreed by parents
Volleyball court in the courtyard of Campus Horticole Students playing volleyball at the volleyball court in the courtyard of Campus Horticole
Campus Horticole Étudiants marchant vers le bâtiment principal du Campus Horticole
Students at a corridor in Campus Horticole Students during their free time in Campus Horticole
Notice board at Campus Horticole Various information can be found on the notice board at Campus Horticole
A volleyball match Our students playing against each other on a match of volleyball
Student room at Campus Horticole Students in their room at Campus Horticole
Meal buffet at Campus Horticole The students chose their preferred meal from our buffet
It is meal time at Campus Horticole Students have a meal together at Campus Horticole
The pool in Campus Horticole The students play in the pool at Campus Horticole
It is game time at Campus Horticole Our students are getting ready for game time at Campus Horticole
A game of table football at Campus Horticole Our group leader overlooks our students who are playing table football

Located in a residential area of Antibes in the midst of flower gardens, this 5-acre campus owned by the Ministry for Agriculture offers fully-equipped living quarters among the greenhouses.
Just next to the greenhouses, in the boarding house, spacious rooms accommodate 2 to 4 students with showers and toilets on each floor.

In "All-inclusive" programs


Campus Leonard De Vinci 12-17

Situation : The campus is 2.5 miles from the town center and beaches. School shuttle buses provide transportation for supervised excursions or to bring them back from any free time agreed by parents.
Students around the Leonard Da Vinci campus The campus is equipped with an inflatable pool and tables and chairs for students to enjoy their time outside
Student rooms at Leonard Da Vinci campus Two girls in their room at Leonard Da Vinci campus
Meal buffet at Leonard Da Vinci campus. Students serve themselves a meal of choice from our buffet spread.
Meal time in Leonard Da Vinci campus Students enjoying a variety of dishes during meal time at the Leonard Da Vinci campus
The pool at Leonard Da Vinci campus The students are having a great time in the pool at Leonard Da Vinci campus
Teenagers during break time Teenagers have a drink and enjoy each other's company during break time

Located in a conservation area, this huge 9-acre modern campus built on the edge of a large pine forest offers fully equipped living quarters.
Next to the campus's central square, in the boarding house, students are housed in threes in spacious en-suite rooms with toilets on each floor.

In "All-inclusive" programs

Those who have opted for the “intensive sailing” or “dancing and fitness” options will tend to be housed on this campus.

Residence outside the Summer season

Castel Arabel 12-17

Dates : Outside summer
Situation :The campus is a few minutes on foot from the town center and beaches. Teens can come and go as they please subject to parental permission.
Castel Arabel The beautiful building of our Castel Arabel residence
Students at the balcony in Castel Arabel The students have a look down from the balcony at Castel Arabel
Students at Castel Arabel Students spend time together at Castel Arabel during their spare time
Game time at Castel Arabel Students playing ping pong at Castel Arabel
Meal time in Castel Arabel Our students have a meal together at Castel Arabel

Outside the Summer season, our Castel Arabel residence, a stone's throw from the beach, becomes the students living quarters.
In this 80-bed campus which has everything but classrooms, students will be housed in twin en-suite rooms. Classes and lunch are at “l’école du château” three-quarters of a mile away.

In "All-inclusive" programs


Host families from April to October

A fully immersive exeprience 13-17

Dates : Students will be looked after all day by our activities team before returning to the care of their family in the evening.
A French host family A student having lunch with a French host family
Family photo A beautiful photo of our students with their host family
Game night with the French host family Students play Monopoly with their French host family
Two students in a French family The students have a laugh while reading a book with their host family

For students wishing to have a fully immersive experience, host families offer a comfortable home and are eager to share their daily life.
Our families are carefully selected and inspected regularly. They offer single or twin rooms and host speakers of different languages.

In "All-inclusive" programs


Useful information!

• All of our accommodation is given a basic clean every day and a full clean once a week. On the campus disposable, biodegradable sheets are provided and changed once a week but not bath towels.

• Students are responsible for their rooms and must keep them in a reasonable state of cleanliness.


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