Intensive French courses in France

Intensive French courses for adults

Intensive courses: 30 lessons of 45' per week

Signing up for an intensive French course with 30 lessons per week means that you really want to improve your French.

The morning module offers written and spoken French taught in a relaxed atmosphere with afternoons are set aside for role play in small groups giving everyone an opportunity to give an oral presentation on a subject close to their hearts.  

The Program


Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12.20 pm (including a 20-minute break).

Students in each level work on the listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing activities, as well as core French grammar in the morning class where the teachers use dynamic and fairly intense teaching methods.


Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

In the afternoon, the focus of the small groups is primarily on oral activities and everyone has regular opportunities to contribute and thus gain confidence in expressing themselves in French.

The teacher steers the conversation, engages students in a conversation and introduces them to the day-to-day situations that are typical of France.

Why choose an intensive French course?

A free grammar book

A free grammar book specially produced by our teaching team will be provided. In addition, activities and exercises (grammar, vocabulary etc.) are available for you to do free of charge on our site “Le Français et Vous”.

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Accommodation at Airbnb prices

Students coming to take French courses in France often opt for an apartment in the town center. We offer serviced studio apartments for one or two people at Airbnb prices. You can also opt for a host family.

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