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The film festival, billionaires and the jet set! 

Beach, beach, and beach Many people come to Cannes for its beaches
Private and public beaches Cannes is home to many private and public beaches
Red buildings and cactuses at Cannes There is plenty of architecture and nature to admire in Cannes
Boulevard de la Croisette Boulevard de la Croisette at night
Cannes Walk Of Fame Visit the star-studded floor in Cannes
Palais des Festivals The world-renowned Cannes Film Festival is held here at Palais des Festivals
A breathtaking photo of Cannes Cannes is a stunning Mediterranean city
Cinema in Cannes Mural painting of different movie icons in Cannes
Beautiful streets of Cannes Explore the many beautiful streets of Cannes
Mural paintings in Cannes You can find buildings with mural painting sin Cannes

Cannes is one of the most popular towns on the French Riviera. 

Each year its beaches, its Mediterranean climate and its exceptional geographical location near Nice (15.5 miles), Monaco (22 miles) and Saint-Tropez (27 miles) attract some three million visitors from all around the world.

Of course, when talking about Cannes, we inevitably think about the International Film Festival and la Croisette, the unmissable seafront promenade. It was an English politician and writer, Lord Henry Brougham, who fell in love with the town in 1834 and subsequently introduced it to his compatriots. Today, Cannes is no longer the fishing village of yesteryear! The capital of cinema is known worldwide for its trade fairs but also for its prestigious luxury hotels (Le Martinez, le Carlton...) frequented by film stars and other wealthy tourists. Cannes, it is the famous Palais des Festivals which rolls out the red carpet every year for the stars of world cinema.

Map Cannes

A capital of film with numerous attractions

A walkway in Cannes

When referring to Cannes, locals like to say: “Qui li ven li vieù” ("Whoever goes there, lives there"). This motto couldn’t be more appropriate! 

Indeed, Cannes instantly exudes charm and wins over anyone passing through. Its private and public beaches, its sunshine, its countless cafés and luxury stores no doubt have something to do with it! In addition, Cannes is located near the îles de Lérins: Sainte-Marguerite (Lero) and Saint-Honorat (Lerina) are real havens of peace in which time appears to stand still. You will appreciate the peace and quiet and protected environment. It is in the Fort de Sainte-Marguerite that was imprisoned the infamous Man in the Iron Mask, the identity of whom is still disputed by historians.

Above all, don’t forget to visit Le Suquet, the historic quarter from which the town emerged in the first century BC when the Ligurians chose to found the town on this promontory. During your getaway in Cannes, you will have the opportunity to admire the painted walls that are part of the town's heritage. These frescoes depict the mythical actors of film (Tati, Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Harold Lloyd etc.). When the night falls, the town reveals more of its unexpected charms: the many pyrotechnic festivals and the famous Plages Electroniques will keep night owls happy. Read more

Right next to the Palais des festivals and its legendary red-carpeted 24 steps, is the Chemin des Etoiles where you can admire hand casts of the big names of the world of cinema. No need to go to Hollywood Boulevard: Georges Lucas, Sophia Loren, Meryl Streep and Luc Besson are right in front of you, holding out their hand!

Despite its 130 hotels and 3 million tourists a year, Cannes is more than the star-studded world of show business and high-end stores. The Old Port and the Allées de la Liberté are also perfect places for a quiet stroll. If it appeals to you, you can chat with the petanque players, take in the scents of the flower market, hunt for bargains in a flea market or watch the traditional boats, the “pointus”, enter the port after a day of fishing. But for those who prefer shopping or window-shopping, the rue d'Antibes is an unmissable spot for adding to your wardrobe!

Practical Information


Getting around Cannes

Bicycle-friendly Cannes

The best way of discovering the town is to travel on foot, by bicycle or scooter. There are good bus services throughout the town in the day time (€10 a week). In the evening numerous taxis take their place (at student rates).
Distances :

  • Cannes 1h from Monaco, 45 min from Nice and 45 min from Saint-Tropez.
  • Paris is just a 1h20 minute flight and a 4h30 high-speed train ride away.
  • Easy to get to from anywhere in the world: 7 hour flight from New York, 2 hour flight from the European capitals.


What's the weather like in Cannes?

The sunny Cannes

Protected from the wind by the Massif de l’Estérel, the town of Cannes, like other towns in the region, benefits from a Mediterranean climate characterized by its dry Summer and mild Winters. On average, temperatures range from 10/13°C (50/55° F) in January and 28/32°C (82/90° F) in August. The most favorable period is between April and September whereas October and November are, in general, the rainiest months.
Average temperatures:

  • Winter  8-12 °C (46-54 °F)
  • Spring 14-18 °C (57-64 °F)
  • Summer 25-35 °C (77-96 °F)
  • Autumn 15-23 °C (59-73 °)


What do things cost?

Exclusive Cannes

The town of Cannes offers many possibilities for eating out at its 500 restaurants and cafés! That said, you can find a sandwich or dish of the day for a reasonable price.

  • 2 €  for an espresso
  • 5 €  for a sandwich
  • 12 € for a dish of the day
  • 8 €   for a cinema ticket



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