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adult students trained in French since since 1985!

french course in france
french courses in france for adults
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The Centre International d'Antibes, ideally located in the south of France, is recognized as the best French language school for those who want to learn French in France, make new friends and explore the French Riviera! 

French school for adults on the Riviera (Antibes)

Since 1985, the Centre International d’Antibes has been offering French courses using active, motivational teaching methods, flawless teaching centers and accommodation near the beach and town center.

French adult courses are held in the “Château”, a Provençal farmhouse typical of the South of France, converted into a school overlooking the sea. Three quarters of a mile from the school, our village club plays host to French students in a peaceful location with gardens and pool, a stone's throw from the beaches. In addition, students may opt for home-stay accommodation. 

Every year, 2,000 students place their trust in us and come to our school to learn French in France.

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french course in france for adults

All our French courses in France


Our accommodation

Our school, "Le Château"

The walls of Antibes

 Antibes City

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Dates et prices

Courses at the Centre International d’Antibes

Our French courses 

The school mainly offers general courses including 15, 23 or 27 hours per week for adults staying for less than 5 weeks.
We also have our Senior 50+ courses and courses for families, including tuition, accommodation and activities.
For stays of more than 5 weeks a “classes +accommodation” package at a very low price and without compromising on quality.

Our accommodations    

A club residence a few hundred meters from beaches and the town-center by a pool, in the middle of a garden.
In the middle of our residence, students may choose rooms of a good standard or studios with all the mod cons to suit their budget at Airbnb prices.
Host families selected directly by the school.

Our school “Le Château”   

Our school stands in a Provençal garden and houses 22 classrooms and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.
We purchased this Provençal farmhouse, surrounded by olive trees and fruit trees, in 1991.
To turn it into the school that stands today, we renovated the Provençal house and built an extension with an enchanting sea view.

Antibes City    

A lovely town.... 70,000 inhabitants, sandy beaches, an old town with the Mediterranean's biggest marina.
Antibes, some 11 miles from Nice airport, is a fortified 17th century town which marked the border with the country before Nice was French. Since that time, the town has appropriated the beaches and nightlife of Juan-les-Pins.

Why learn French in France at the Centre International d'Antibes?

Inspiring French tuition by experienced teachers who know how to combine high standards and good humor when working on oral and written skills. Both young people and adults alike quickly become more confident in their ability to express themselves in French.

A fine modern and quiet school, surrounded by gardens with views of the sea and the Alps and a stone's throw from Antibes, with its small, typically Provençal streets.
A team of 40 professionals on hand to oversee the quality of your language stay in all its aspects.

Since 1985, over 50,000 adults of 45 nationalities have learned French with the Centre International d’Antibes.
97% success in DELF (Diploma of French Language Studies).

Linguistic and cultural immersion in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, in a pretty millennium-old town with Provençal charm, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Every month there are cultural activities to explore the region and French way of life.

A quality standard recognized under the European certification scheme, Eaquals, and the French state's certification scheme, Qualité FLE.

Students reviews
“ Excellent! ”

The 2-week session I attended was excellent; course materials and instruction exceeded all expectations. Administrative process and housing was also excellent. I highly recommend!

“ 10/10 ”

10/10 would recommend this school to top up your French for the professional world. The first day started with a comprehensive written test that had at least 10 pages. My teacher Kathy was engaging, helpful, resourceful and lots of fun! Overall an excellent teacher with an excellent teaching style that included written work, debates within the class and learning about different cultures that use the French language. Thanks to Kathy, I was able to improve my French in the 2 weeks I was there.

“ A fantastic school ”

This is a fantastic school with great teachers. I also studied in Aix and Cannes, and this was the best. I really appreciated that it was a good blend of structured learning (I need some fire at my feet) and the guided discussions - c'etait superbe! I also enjoyed the multi-national and all-age atmosphere.

Our schools on video
Classes and residences for adult students in an exceptional setting!
Marta, who came from Spain to learn French in Antibes and take the DELF exam, talks about her experience at CIA.
Our students talk about their experience in our school.

Learn French with a French course for adults in Paris

Established in 1988, our partner-school has since been universally regarded as the gold standard for students wishing to learn French and live in Paris.

The school offers a range of courses for adults and language camps in Summer for children and teens.

Learn French in Paris
french course Paris
Fle - Français Langue Etrangère

Our partner school ACCORD-PARIS holds the label FLE (French as a Foreign Language).

french course abroad for adults

Study French for all ages

seafront Antibes rocky territory on the sea
The Provence market food market
herbs Provence characteristic gifts
young people nightlife in antibes
the nomad monumental statue in the harbor
vauban port port located in the east of the city
antibes streets street in the center of antibes

A unique French immersion

Whether you plan to study French for professional or personal reasons, our school offers various French courses in France for adults as well as all-inclusive summer camps for children and teenagers to the most beautiful French tourist destinations!

Each year, 7,000 international students from all over the world trust us to learn French in the South of France and experience a unique French immersion experience at our prestigious school accredited by the most important accreditation organizations.


Our French language camps in France:

The Côte d’Azur: an idyllic setting in which to learn French in France

Every Monday we play host to adults of all ages who have come from the world over specifically to learn French in France. We ask them their reasons for coming to us to take French classes for one or more weeks, even, in some cases, a few months, and are always surprised to note the generally positive image France enjoys overseas.

Of course, the location of our French school on the Côte d’Azur enhances our appeal.  Our corner of Provence has been attracting and seducing visitors for over one and a half centuries. Queen Victoria, Czar of Russia, but also Renoir, Matisse, Chagall, Bonnard,  Picasso and other great modern painters,  as well as Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Yves Montant with Simone Signoret, Lino Ventura from the world of film, all liked to stay here, all helped to establish the image of the Côte d’Azur, making it the ideal location for a short break.

For adults who come to us to learn French on the Côte d’Azur, it is about taking advantage of their vacation to learn in a school of a proven standard which will facilitate their cultural discovery of this coastal area of Provence. It is about discovering the places where these artists have made their mark, the museums dedicated to them, picturesque villages which, having seduced the big names of cinema, modern art and literature, now win over anonymous visitors.

BY Alexandre Garcia,
International d’Antibes
SINCE 1990

french course in france


Choose carefree living to learn French

Our adult students cite the beach in Summer, the sun and blue sea all year round and, in winter, the ski resorts less than 65 miles from the coast. They are enthralled by the architecture of our old towns or that of the the hilltop villages in the hinterland, the grandiose panoramic views of the Mediterranean or those of the Mercantour National Park and the Vallée des Merveilles. They borrow the way of life from its inhabitants, peaceful or frantic to the rhythm of the festivals and other events such as Nice Carnival.

They taste the excellent cuisine of our region, between the County of Nice and Provence.....and enjoy life on the patio to taste it or have a chat with a drink at cocktail hour. This life that is the envy of the world, “Ah! You’re so lucky to live here!” “ is a sentiment shared by all our students. Although for many it explains their choice of our French classes in Antibes, many students are driven by more pragmatic and serious reasons for coming to France to learn French.

French: a dominant language in geopolitical activity 

The French language is an official language of the European institutions. It is for this reason that every year officials, EU parliamentarians and diplomats from European countries take specialist French courses at our school. Some come for other work-related reasons: “I work for an NGO which operates in French-speaking countries in Africa”, “I need to learn French because my company headquarters is in France”, or “because my company has a lot of French-speaking clients”. Learning French for employment and work is a reason often advanced by our adult students and this is when we become aware of their need to open the door to the French-speaking world. The French language opens up professional horizons sometimes way beyond Europe. This is something that prompt s many adults to improve their French, or start studying it.

18 to 86 year-olds: an intergenerational French language school  

Other much younger students arrive with the firm intention of taking French classes for a few weeks as an immersive experience. They often top it off with home-stay accommodation rather than in the residence in order to practice their spoken French as much as possible. This decision is often due to urgency. The reason given for learning French is often the degree of proficiency they must quickly achieve in order to take an exam or attend university back home. The DELF B2 diploma is often cited as a reason, since it opens up access to university in France for overseas students. Other older adults have different motivations. They have decided to liven up their retirement with enjoyable going back to school. Freed of the obligation of treating the French language as an important addition to the CV, these happy pensioners only see the pleasurable aspect of the language of Molière.

By becoming students again, they are rediscovering French for pleasure, something that is of particular relevance to them. And as teachers of French as a foreign language we find ourselves faced with these ideal students, those who assert that they have fallen in love with France and so are learning the language for love. I remember a charming gentleman who came every year, stayed a few weeks and decided to take the DELF at the age of 86 along with the young candidates at our school. They are all passionate. They are quick to register for excursions and cultural activities organized by the school to satisfy their thirst for discovery.

And also French teachers

The same love of the French language is also to be find in another quite specific group of adults, foreign French teachers. They come to our school to take a continuous training seminar.

It is true that they are less relaxed than pensioners who no longer have to worry about their work, but they share the same love of this language that they have chosen to teacher, the same appetite for everything about France, an admiration for all humanist values always conveyed by France, which give it global reach. This small overview of the reasons that prompt adults to want to learn French in a school in France shows us that they are many and vary depending on the age of our students.  18 and 86-year-olds do not study it in the same way, nor for the same reasons.
But, no doubt, of them, the one I prefer the most is when someone says something like, “I want to learn French because my parents-in-law live in France”. What better motivation, indeed what better reason, than to unite two families, two cultures, through language?
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