Learn French In France, on the French Riviera
Learning French

Why learn French?

Many say that learning French is important for travel, not only within France but also in other French-speaking countries, and they’re right.

“Why did you decide to take this immersion course in France?” That’s the question we ask the 2000 students who come to learn French in France and choose the CIA. Their answers reveal the multiple reasons motivating them to take an immersion course for adults.

Learning French is important for travel

They all tell us that they have chosen to take a French course in France because it’s the best way to improve their French. Many say that learning French is important for travel, not only within France but also in other French-speaking countries, and they’re right. Do you know how many people speak French around the world? 275 million! That makes French the fifth most widely spoken language in the world and the one that most people learn, after English. So our students are quite right to complement their command of English with that of French! When you speak French, a whole French-speaking universe opens up to you. Moreover, since France is one of the world’s major economies, very many French companies have a presence beyond our borders.

French is the 3rd most important language of business

Yes, yes: Maybe you didn’t know it, but French is the 3rd most widely used language for business and the 4th on the Internet! So it’s not surprising some of our students add that they wanted to come and take an immersion course for adults in France for professional reasons: Because their company has, or is about to have, dealings with the French-speaking world, or they themselves want to join one of these French companies based abroad. Young adults are looking to enter a French university or one of our major business or engineering schools which include some of the most renowned in the world. Improving their French up to the B2 level opens the doors to higher education!

The Centre International d’Antibes is accredited by the European Union

Other students – older ones - at the CIA tell us that learning French is important for them because they are European functionaries or parliamentarians and French is one of the three working languages of the European Commission. Since the CIA is accredited by the European Parliament to teach its members, they decide to come to take an immersion course in French in Antibes. Why learn French? Well, as you can see, there are very many reasons why our adult students decide to learn French in France and enroll at the CIA. But wait! It’s not just about practical goals to do with travel, work or study. Do you want to know what else our students said? Well, we’ll tell you that later, when you’ll find out what else our students said when we asked them our question. See you very soon!

About the Centre International d'Antibes

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