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Why should I learn French?

Learning another language is always difficult. The ideal solution is to take a language course in the country of the language that you want to learn.

Would you like to study French, for work or for pleasure, in a way that’s fun and inspiring? Whether you are just beginning or looking to improve your skills, learning another language is always difficult. The ideal solution is to take a language course in the country of the language that you want to learn. In France, you will experience full french immersion within the local population. In addition, the teachers at the Centre International d’Antibes will be there to guide you and to offer all the help you’ll need during your course.

To enjoy the perfect environment for study

Firstly, French lessons on the Côte d’Azur take place in an exceptional setting. Antibes is the quintessential charming town, and offers every activity you could wish for once you’ve finished class for the day. Its beaches are famous throughout the world, and the old town is well worth a visit. If you stay with a host family, you will also have an opportunity to experience the local lifestyle.

[youtube align="right" id="7e7O8ltiD9A"]To benefit from better support as you learn

The CIA teachers know that it is important to use innovative teaching methods to ensure that students participate in class. They will tell you what french books to read and what french films to watch in order to improve your skills. So you’re certain to make quick progress. Studying French in France will also allow you to improve your pronunciation, since you will be listening to native speakers all day long and communicating in all sorts of everyday situations.

To chat to others and learn more about French culture

During lessons, it’s vital that the materials you use are varied and tailored to your level. They must be selected in such a way that they promote communication and encourage all students to engage in discussion. A relaxed atmosphere also makes it easier for you to share views with your classmates. Finally, the cultural aspect is key: learning a foreign language is also about understanding the lifestyles and traditions of the people who speak it. In France, you will be truly experiencing the culture of the country rather than simply studying it in an abstract way – and that makes all the difference!

Language stay on the French Riviera

Gloria - 21/09/2017

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