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Nice Carnival

Discover Nice Carnival

Nice Carnival is France’s leading carnival and has been running since the 13th century.

Would you like to try your hand at a short riddle? Ok, here goes: I have existed since the thirteenth century. I am the leading carnival in France. I have a specific theme every year. I take place in a large city on the Côte d’Azur. I am famous for my flower battles and “big heads”. What am I? Have you worked it out? It is, of course, the Nice Carnival, held from 11 to 25 February. As at other carnivals, the public can admire the multicoloured floats, but unique to Nice are the flower battles. Delightful creatures throw lilies, mimosa and daisies at spectators. The carnival features political figures, including French politicians Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon, and even Donald Trump. The President of the United States will be sitting on an oil barrel with lots of hair dryers to achieve his famous style! For France, there will be a float called La Course à l’Elysée (The Race for the Elysée), featuring the candidates in the French presidential election. This year, organisers have chosen to focus on ecology and will highlight the various types of energy. The King of Energy is therefore the theme for the 133rd carnival. Natural elements, renewable energy and protecting the environment are all areas of inspiration for carnival participants and the public. If you want to join in the dressing up, choose a costume which chimes with this year’s theme – that’s the best approach!

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