Culture & traditions

  • 07/09/2021

    What does the French flag mean?

    All countries have their official emblems. As far as France is concerned, we’re all familiar with the French flag – a rectangle comprising three vertical stripes in blue, white and red.

  • 20/01/2021

    French culinary traditions

    French cuisine and gastronomy

  • 04/12/2020

    Christmas and New Year traditions and vocabulary

    Discover French traditions at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve

  • 09/07/2020

    Learn French through comics

    Comics are a perfect tool for learning French, whatever level you’re at!

  • 09/04/2020

    Easter traditions in France and around the world

    Who says Easter say bunnies, chocolate bells and "egg hunt". But there are also other very interesting traditions beyond the borders of France ...

  • 10/04/2019

    Does French have dialects?

    What’s the difference between a dialect and a patois? What are the different regional languages spoken in France and how many are there? What accents do you find in France?

  • 26/03/2019

    The French education system

    How does the French education system work? Until what age is schooling mandatory in France? How does higher education work in France?

  • 14/02/2019

    The greatest French films of all time

    Internationally appreciated, French cinema is renowned for the excellence of its actors and productions. Which films can be considered as models of their genre?

  • 09/01/2019

    Symbols of France

    What are the most significant symbols of France? What objects, people and ideas represent it politically, socially and culturally?

  • 05/12/2018

    Famous French actors and actresses

    Who are the most popular French actors? Each one of us is able to spontaneously name famous actors and actresses of the French seventh art.

  • 07/11/2018

    Demystifying French stereotypes and cliches

    Mad about baguettes and cheese, work-shy, whiny and arrogant, while also being elegant connoisseurs of fine food... Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’re discussing the most common French stereotypes.

  • 17/08/2018

    Holidaying like the French

    France is the perfect destination for those who want to take French lessons or simply discover the country. But what kinds of holiday do French people enjoy?

  • 04/06/2018

    La bise: a very French custom!

    In France, we have lots of customs and traditions which can confuse foreigners. Exchanging kisses – la bise – is one of them, but what’s this all about and when should you do it?

  • 18/05/2018

    The art of French living

    What exactly does the famous formula "French art de vivre" refer to? The French style is inseparable from a savoir-être and a savoir-vivre that have made our international reputation.

  • 21/12/2017

    The Thirteen Desserts of Christmas

    In Provence, the ‘thirteen desserts’ are intimately associated with the Christmas festivities. But what are they, exactly?

  • 05/10/2017

    Semaine du goût

    Learning French in France also means enjoying the gastronomy. During this month of October, the twenty-eighth edition of the famous Taste Week takes place.

  • 08/09/2017

    Heading back to school in France

    September is not just about the wine harvest. In France, this time of year is also associated with an enduring ritual: the return to school. On 4 September, after a well-earned two-month break, primary and secondary school pupils – more than 13 million of them in total – cheerfully returned to class with a spring in their step.

  • 11/08/2017

    International Youth Day

    The twelfth of August will mark a particularly important day for the future of humanity: International Youth Day

  • 03/08/2017

    The herbs of Provence

    A symbol of the gastronomic heritage of the South of France : the herbs of Provence !

  • 20/07/2017

    Nissart: a regional variety of the Occitan language

    Every country has its own regional languages. At a time of globalisation it is important, if we want to hold on to our identity, that we do not forget our roots.

  • 13/07/2017

    The fourteenth of July

    The French National Holiday takes place every July 14th. For the French, it symbolises the end of absolute monarchy and privileges but also national reconciliation.

  • 06/07/2017

    July is here at last

    My name is a tribute from Mark Antony to Julius Caesar and means "the month of Julius". I symbolize the beginning of the great school holidays, the beach and idleness.

  • 21/06/2017

    World Music Day: make music!

    La Fête de la Musique – World Music Day – traditionally marks the first day of summer. In France, word play on the festival’s name is the order of the day: Faites de la musique ! (Make music!)

  • 15/06/2017

    Father’s Day around the world

    How did Father’s Day begin in France? When is it celebrated in other countries? What gift should you give? Find all the answers in our new article!

  • 18/05/2017

    Neighbours’ Day: a popular celebration

    Every year, a rather special festival is celebrated in France: Neighbours’ Day (la Fête des voisins).

  • 11/05/2017

    Cannes Festival

    Cannes is known for its palaces, its Croisette or its painted walls representing film stars such as Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin.

  • 26/04/2017

    Earth Day

    International Mother Earth Day originated from a 1970 environmental protest in the United States. Today, there are about 180 countries participating.

  • 18/04/2017

    Easter symbols and traditions

    Eggs, rabbits, chickens and bells all made from chocolate: it’s time to talk about the symbols and traditions which mark Easter in France.

  • 20/03/2017

    International Day of La Francophonie

    20 March is International Day of La Francophonie. But do you know what "la francophonie" refers to exactly?

  • 08/03/2017

    March: an important month for women

    It's an important time for women of all ages : the month of March.

  • 28/02/2017

    Gotlib and his iconic characters

    Presenting some of Gotlib’s characters.

  • 16/12/2016

    Christmas and New Year vocabulary

    It’s here! Christmas is coming! Now is the perfect time to review a bit of vocabulary and check you haven’t forgotten anything.

  • 03/12/2016

    French traditions during the holiday season

    We offer you a chance to (re)discover some of these French traditions from the holiday season.

  • 25/10/2016

    How French has evolved over the last 30 years

    See how much French has developed in the last 30 years

  • 12/10/2016

    Which French expressions are best known in other countries?

    “C’est la vie”, “Comme ci, comme ça”, “Déjà-vu” – just a few of the typically French expressions well known throughout the world

  • 05/09/2016

    Top 10 blogs about living in France

    Here is our top 10 of expats blogs about living in France.

  • 28/07/2016

    The Centre International d’Antibes is a true “melting pot”

    We welcome dozens of different nationalities every year: the Centre International d’Antibes.

  • 28/06/2016

    The long history of French, football and sport

    If you want to learn French, there’s no better way than talking sport and supporting the favourite local team.

  • 22/06/2016

    Do you speak Football? Everyday french expressions

    Learning a new language sometimes imply going off the beaten tracks to discover everyday expressions. At Centre International d'Antibes, we always incorporate a dash of fun into our teachings to make them more pleasant but also more relevant to daily conversations.

  • 01/04/2016

    French Food and Language Lessons

    France is worldly famous for its gastronomy and natural refinement when it comes to food. This culture of bien manger is not reserved to the elites...

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