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About us?

Since 1985, the most important French school in France!

French courses and language camp on the Côte d’Azur

In the last 35 years, some 100,000 students have come in France for learning French, on the Côte d’Azur to the 8 destinations for young people open to date.

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The leading school in France to train foreigners to the French language

Key dates

1985 a language school for adults established
1988 the first summer camp opens in Antibes
1991 our emblematic school, “le Château” is built
1995 acquisition of Castel Arabel
2007 The quality label "FLE"
2014 Opening of a campus in Cannes

Key figures

Who comes on one of our immersive experiences?
6000 students a year
1500 adults
2500 juniors
2000 school children

Where do students live during their immersive experience?
4 junior destinations
1 school in Antibes
2 club residences in Antibes
3 campuses on the Côte d’Azur

Our role in promoting the French language (la francophonie)

Since 1985, at the Centre International d’Antibes we have been committed to a job well done and to promoting the French language through “le Français et vous”, a free magazine that has been produced for the last 15 years.
In order to ensure effective teaching practices and to create recognized French courses,we developed our own quality criteria even before the emergence of evaluation bodies in France.

Our own quality criteria we have set ourselves

For adults, class sizes do not exceed 12 and for conversations classes 4 to 6.

Quiet schools and classrooms, with garden areas and a restaurant on-site.
All of our teachers are qualified and a course director oversees the student elarning experience with the head of teaching responsible for designing new courses.
For juniors, comprehensive campuses that house 100 to 300 students, offering security, comfort and tuition for French immersion in unique settings.

Again, for juniors, and also for younger learners, we have implemented a strategy whereby new facilitators are trained by those with more experience. We want the spirit of the Centre International d’Antibes to live on through this new generation of facilitators.
Finally, since 1990 the school has been creating its own teaching resources which has enabled us to keep up to date with technological and cultural developments in our society both in France and worldwide. Since 2004, these resources have been shared with teachers and the public free of charge via the online magazine, “Le français et vous”.

Our contribution to promoting the French language

Through our free magazinge, “Le français et vous”, Alexandre Garcia, Head of the Teaching Department at the Centre International d’Antibes” has made a huge resource of tools, exercises and educational games available to French teachers and Francophiles.
For the general public :
We publish online games and exercises.
Anyone can test their knowledge using the exercises and animations designed for adults and teenagers.
Each month, little games and exercises for each level are created for those wishing to improve their knowledge of the language and civilization in France.

For all French teachers worldwide:We publish original online teaching materials.
Every teacher, and we particularly have poor countries of the French-speaking world in mind, will have access to free educational worksheets, which can be put to immediate practical use in the classroom.
Teachers who use resources from “Français et vous” will have access to innovative, dynamic materials, designed to motivate students and give them an appetite for learning.

What we do for students

As a language school in France, we have to think about what we have to offer anyone who travels to us to learn French in France.
Adults on vacation and professionals, teenagers and kids do not require the same response from us.
They also expect something other than what they can learn at the bottom of their street.
What we are referring to is immersion in France, of course, but also a welcome, a friendly environment and, of course, safety for young age groups.


Expectations of adult students differ to what they once were

Now, stays are shorter, there is a wider range of accommodation on offer with the urbanization of our lifestyles and digital technology has become an essential part of our existence.
At the Centre International d’Antibes we are developing our reception and our courses as a response to shorter and shorter stays, sometimes of no more than a week.
We offer responses but it is important to realize that it is not possible to learn French in two weeks and that all of the intensive courses must be continued at home so as not to quickly lose any gains.
Indeed, it is must more enjoyable to stay in the student-only “club village” and we have calculated our costs on the basis of the average Airbnb to maintain our friendly atmosphere, which is part of the DNA of the Centre International d’Antibes.


We play host to an increasing proportion of teenagers and young children.

As such, forty-somethings and fifty-somethings reading this will not be surprised to hear that we have to simultaneously manage language learning and the satisfaction of parents and young people.
All of which means mixing fire with water or resolving the tricky equation of balancing freedom and control, as well as giving the family freedom without making any concessions in terms of the security demands we still have owing to the 60,000 young people we look after.
At the Centre International d’Antibes, other than training for facilitators/ support workers referred to above, we have favored the big campus/French village format in which young people don’t have the irrepressible urge to go out.

We arrange shuttle buses which are a means of supervising students as well as transporting them at the end of the periods of free-time agreed by parents.
More generally, our daily contact helps us to immediately identify those who are scatter-brained and might have wandered off.
This way of operating has been accepted over the years and succeeding generations and is perhaps why parents trust us.
For a number of years we have even started to play host to the children of those who stayed on our junior campus at a time when the internet did not yet exist...
If the culture of immersion in France could live on within the culture of families, this would go some way to showing that our mission has been a success.

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