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The oldest seaside resort in Provence, Hyères/La Crau has retained all its charm and originality. Children and teens will instantly feel at home in this safe and easy-going town.

Hyères is a safe town of 52,000 inhabitants near Toulon and 87 miles from Nice. Sun worshippers and water sports fans will love its 22 miles of sandy beaches.

Hyères offers a wide range of attractions: excursions, leisure activities, sports, cultural events...


Hyères is located 140 km from Nice.

It's near Paris, 1 h20 by plane and 4 h30 by TGV.

It’s easy to get to from all over the world, 7 h by plane from New York, 2 h by plane from European capital cities.

A few facts and figures

Average temperatures

  • Winter 8-12° (46-54 F)
  • Spring 14-18° (57-64 F)
  • Summer 25-35° (77-96 F)
  • Autumn 15-23° (59-73 F)

Average prices

  • 1,5/2 € an espresso
  • 5 € a sandwich
  • 15 € a daily specials
  • 9 € a cinema ticket

How to get to Hyères?

By plane : Flights to and from Nice airport from all major European cities and neighboring Mediterranean countries. Nice airport (120 km from Hyères) or Hyères/Toulon airport where you will be met by our team.

By train : TGV (high speed trains) plus local and international train services running to Toulon station.

How can I get around Hyères?

The best way to explore the city is to The best way to explore the city is to wander around on foot, bike or scooter. The bus, effectively serving the entire city in a day (10€/week). In the evening, the succession is assured by the many taxis (student's price).

On foot : For short journeys it is best to walk as you avoid traffic and parking problems especially during the holidays.

By bus: The bus service goes round during the day. A single ticket costs 1.5€. A week pass costs 10€.

By taxi: After 20:00 our students get special rates with our CIA student card (between 10 and 20€ for 4 people depending on the journey).

What to do in Hyères?

Activities : The islands known as “Les Îles de Porquerolle” are the ideal place for lovers of nature and the great outdoors; The beaches of La Londe for water sports enthusiasts: And then there is downtown “ centre ville” with its busy streets for those who appreciate the hustle and bustle of the city.

Going out : Nothing could be easier! There’s a large choice of bars, pubs and restaurants for every taste and budget.

Sports : Several boating clubs are at your disposable.

Culture : For those interesting in the local culture, there are several historic monuments (Two medieval watchtowers of the Templar knights “La Tour des Templiers” and the Saint-Blaise Tower “Tour Saint-Blaise” in addition to the modern Villa and grounds of “La Villa Noailles”) in addition to other notable buildings (The Museum of Hyeres and the Future, The Municipal Hall of Records called “les Archives”, The Denis Theater, the Multimedia Library called “la Médiathèque”, and the Anglican Church) all of which are also home to concerts and exhibitions. Fun Fact - The city name “Hyeres” sounds like the word “Yesterday” in French so the name of the museum is actually “The Museum of Yesterday and Tomorrow”, a very clever play on words!

What should I wear in Hyères?

In summer : The weather is very sunny and hot, so bring along light clothes and don’t forget your swimming wear, sunglasses and sun cream! A jacket is useful for cool evenings.

In other seasons : Although the weather is mild all year round, don't forget to bring along jumpers and jackets!

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