Exclusive French language camp in France
Beaches in the South of France

French summer camp in France
Juan-les-Pins Premium 8-1112-17

Juan-les-Pins "Premium": 
An exclusive French summer camp in France !

All inclusive program

+ 200€ for 8-11 y.o.
per week

 8-11 / 12-17
From June 26th to September 3rd

Fun day at the pool
Pool at Castel Arabel

24/7 !

The best language camp for privileged students

At Easter and in Summer, this program offers a high-end summer camp in a sumptuous French school. 
Two top-class campuses located a stones’ throw from the sea and the hustle and bustle of Juan-les-Pins are available for students with high standards. 

For teens aged 12 to 15 and 16 to 17 read 

After French classes: Bubble foot, tubing, private beach, motorboats, flying yoga, sailing, pool parties, sea excursions, shows in the residence etc.… and, subject to parental permission, and according to their age group, teens aged 16-17 and 12-15 can leave the premises. For 5 years hundreds of teens have been coming to our Premium summer camp in Juan-les-Pins and our team has decided to adapt this course for 8 to 11 year-olds.

For the youngest kids aged 8 to 11 read 

Morning language classes mainly focus on fun activities as an introduction to France. In the afternoon, the activities team, on-hand 24/7, organizes trips to a private beach, watersports, activities on-site or leave the kids to relax. Often evenings are taken up with shows, games and activities...in French.

The “Premium” program in Juan-les-Pins

Teens aged 12-15 16-17

This high-end summercamp, which has been open for over 5 years, has been very successful and now brings together some 40 different nationalities Juan-les-Pins is actually the name of Antibes's finest beach which has been connected to the town through urban development, making one single agglomeration. 
 Discover Juan-les-Pins

Activities at sea Activities at sea for our premium students 12-17
Mini group lessons Mini group lessons for the Premium program
Banana boat activity Banana boat activity for premium students
Extreme jet activity Extreme jet activity for our premium students 12-17
Flying yoga activity Activities flying yoga for our premium students 12-17
Game at the beach Game at the beach for our premium students
Afternoon at the private beach Afternoon at the private beach for our premium students
Ping pong at the residence Ping pong at the residence for premium students
Sailing afternoon Sailing afternoon for our premium students
Afternoon at the pool Afternoon at the pool for our premium students
Zumba afternoon Zumba afternoon for our premium students


French classes are in the morning from 8.45 am to 12.05 pm in classes of no more than 10 students.
Most importantly, teachers strive to create a fun atmosphere that is conducive to developing spoken skills so that everyone can become more confident in their ability to communicate in French.
Role play is a key tool used by teachers
Students will be put in a position where they need to defend an opinion or choice.
 In the enthusiasm and desire to defend their point of view, reticence and limitations fall away and learning becomes natural.
In addition to learning the language, students will become more confident in their ability to express themselves in French.
Classes are held in a superb school with breathtaking sea views and students have lunch on site after class.

There are no lessons on the first Monday. You will take a test of written and oral French in the morning to assess your language level and assign you to a class.


Students are housed in a top-class campus that is comparable to the little “Junior Club Meds” that are well known in France.
Buildings are enclosed and secure, surrounded by gardens and offer air-conditioned rooms with all modern conveniences shared by two students.
Within the residences located just a stone's throw from the beaches and the hustle and bustle of Juan-les-Pins, students are free to come and go as they please in the company of the activities team. Students feel right at home in the gardens, television room, multipurpose room and all the spots where kids and teens love to hang out and take advantage of the wi-fi.
Note that only the Castel Arabel residence offers the pool which can be enjoyed by anyone on the “Premium” course.

A program of exclusive activities

A day of 'exploration’ at the weekend
This will take the form of Aquasplash with over a mile of water slides, or a watersports and water-ski-ing day or navigating and bathing on a catamaran.  
Afternoons of pleasure including trips to Cannes, Monaco or Nice, adrenaline-fueled afternoons including sailing, kayaking and extreme jet-ski-ing, afternoons of fun, including bubble foot, fly yoga, Zumba and Laser Quest, as well as an afternoon on the private beach (waterski-ing, tubing etc.)
In the evening: Games, shows, a disco, a BBQ evening, themed parties, pizza party on the beach etc.

Group leaders are on-hand 24/7 and sleep on-site, whilst night wardens start their shift at 7.30 pm.
Transfers to Nice Airport are included.


Parental permission to leave

For teens aged 16-17: Permission to leave the premises until 10 pm from Monday to Thursday and until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

13 to 15 year-olds: Free to go into town or to the beach after activities until 7.30 pm and dinnertime.

12 year-olds will be fully supervised by the activities team.

The youngest students8-11

On the back of its success, this year the “Premium” course is open to students aged 8 upwards and offers students an introduction to French and the opportunity to enjoy exclusive activities and perks in a special setting.
 Discover Juan-les-Pins

Mini group course for children Mini group course for children in the premium program
Afternoon activities Afternoon activities for the premium program
Swimming pool activities Swimming pool activities for premium kids students
The little ones ready for sailing Premium program kids ready for sailing
Girls playing at the pool Premium program girls play at the pool
Fun at the village des fous Fun at the village des fous for our students


For 8-11 year-olds, French classes in the morning tend to be focused on fun activities customized for a young class, overseen by a teacher who is used to working with young children.
No lectures but, instead, an interactive activity in the form of role play which motivates children to speak. Everyone wants to express themselves and defend their ideas and naturally loses their shyness and improve their spoken proficiency.
The goal: To get children used to wanting to make arguments in French so that they grow in confidence.



In a completely private and secure luxury residence 5 minutes from the beaches of Juan-les-Pins, students aged 8 to 11 will be completely looked after and housed in twin, air-conditioned rooms.
The activities team does its utmost to ensure kids feel at home. Group leaders instill a family atmosphere which will win the trust of the youngest kids who can have a carefree stay. Help washing, tidying rooms and doing laundry is all provided or overseen by the activities team in a motherly way.

Activities, excursions, safety, transfers

On the program: A day excursion (Monaco/Aquasplash/Nice + treasure hunt), half-day excursion (trampoline park, Marineland, bowling), half a day at a private beach with inflatable play center, half a day of sailing and half a day of activities (tree-top park, games and sports.)
In the evening: Activities and theme parties organized in the residence. The activities team is trained to work with young children and pay attention to everyone's tiredness and energy levels.


A  day in Juan-les-Pins

Breakfast by the pool
French certificate
Water activities at the beach
Conversations in the pool
Students are spending time together

Find out more about the “Premium” Program in Juan-les-Pins

Juan-les-Pins is just the right blend of informality and French chic. In this coastal report on a human scale, everything can be reached on foot. Students can quickly get around between their accommodation, the beaches and the town center all of which are just a few yards from each other.

A high-end summer camp with a higher standard of comfort

With the “Premium” course, everything has been thought of and designed to give a greater standard of comfort and attention to students: From the small class sizes to the exclusive activities and accommodation in air-conditioned rooms in luxury residences.

An intelligent mix of tuition and high-end leisure activities gives students the opportunity to have a bespoke vacation and develop their education by learning French. Kids and teens of all ages are guaranteed to return home having had an experience full of learning and discovery.

Learn French in optimal conditions

Every Morning from Monday to Friday students in classes of no more than 10 students will be able to learn French or improve their proficiency. Classes based on active teaching methods combining fun and interactive activities

that promote speaking in order to develop communication skills and improve their self-confidence.
Every afternoon, an exclusive program of activities and excursions is carefully devised and organized. It also offers students the opportunity to have fun whilst practicing the language. Although 12 year-old learners are not allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied, at the end of the day, those aged 13 and up can have free time to go to the beach or go shopping until 7.30pm, before returning for dinner.
16 and 17 year-olds are allowed to go out until 10 pm on Monday to Thursday subject to parental permission.


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