French course

French courses in Paris

Classes for all levels for students aged 12 to 17

French classes with an “Autonomy” module on Friday morning for greater exposure to real life.

Standard course

  • 20 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the morning from Monday to Friday
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Schedule: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Included in the “all-inclusive”, “without accommodation” programs and available as "course only"
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12-17 year-olds are taught general French with a focus on learning the essential spoken, written and grammar competencies for each level.

Through active teaching methods developed by the Centre International d’Antibes, and short teaching sequences alternating phases of concentration and interaction, teachers hold the interest of kids and teens and engage them in written and spoken production as well as reading and listening comprehension.
In line with the levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, teachers bring their students on by creating learning and classroom activities that hold the interest of young learners during the 3 hours of each morning session.

Intensive course

  • + 6 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the afternoon from Monday to Friday
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Schedule: 12 - 1 p.m.
  • Available for an additional cost (+€50/week)

This course is aimed at students wishing to make rapid progress.

It complements the morning classes and students work on their spoken language skills. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, the teacher seeks to establish automatic responses, helping students to reproduce and research information and assimilate language acts and structures in line with the objectives of each level. For this, the teacher facilitates discussion and encourages everyone to contribute through starter activities to prompt oral communication, conversations, role-play and debates.

Courses location

Classes are held on the SAINT NICOLAS campus.