Activities in Nice for teens 12-17 year-olds

In Nice, there are a number of age groups, a wide range of programs of activities and a permanent leader for each group of 12 teens. Our group leaders are always on hand to respond to the students’ requests, organize games, share meals and more generally be around them to assist them.

In addition to organizing activities, acting as chaperones, planning excursions and parties, our group leaders are chosen and trained to offer teens a caring presence and sense of security. They know that teens need time alone, but not too much....that younger kids sometimes need encouragement...or supervision and that their chaperone should lead by example. Those looking after little kids are always extremely attentive and keep an eye on their energy levels. It often gets hot in Nice.


A barbecue evening, a themed meal. A party on campus. Fun activities, games, cabaret, shows etc.

* Only for courses that include accommodation.

2 weeks
12 - 17 y.o. Program of Activities Download