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French course
Cannes Plus 12-1516-17

French courses in Cannes

Classes for all levels for students aged 12 to 17

French classes with an “Autonomy” module on Friday morning for greater exposure to real life.

Standard course 12-17

20 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the morning
From Monday to Thursday

Сlass : max. 15
Schedules : 9h00 - 12h20

12-17 year-olds are taught general French with a focus on
learning the essential spoken, written and grammar competencies for each level.
Through active teaching methods developed by the Centre International d’Antibes, and short teaching sequences alternating phases of concentration and interaction, teachers hold the interest of kids and teens and engage them in written and spoken production as well as reading and listening comprehension.
In line with the levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, teachers bring their students on by creating learning and classroom activities that hold the interest of young learners.
During the 3 hours of each morning session.

In the “all-inclusive”, “without accommodation” programs and available as "course only".



“Autonomy” workshop                 

+ 5 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the morning

Class:  max. 15
Schedules : 8h45 - 12h50

The “Autonomy” module is a challenge that awaits students at the end of the week.  They will be required to think and practice the French language in order to successfully complete this last morning of classes. This “business game” or “city management” type module will be prepared in advance during the standard classes from Monday to Thursday.
It will confront students with issues which will require them to work together as a group to put forward and identify solutions, according to the CEFRL level of the class.
The aim of these end-of-week classroom games, which are facilitated by a teacher and group leader, is to alter how students relate to the language, from what they are used to in the classroom to a relationship with the language based on spontaneity and the desire to communicate.
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In the “all-inclusive”, “without accommodation” programs and available as "course only".


“Mission in France” module

+ 5 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the morning

Class : max. 15
Schedules : 14h00 - 17h45

Students meet local people accompanied by the teacher and a group leader and produce a report in the form of a video, audio or oral presentation. For those wishing to build on their French and improve their proficiency, we offer another module on Wednesday afternoons, in the form of missions to be accomplished but this time outside the classroom.
In small groups, students from level A2 up go to meet French people accompanied by the teacher and a group leader. The goal: to experiment with working towards a shared objective. As such, they will have been given a pretext for talking with the local population and will be removed from the protective environment of the classroom.
 For students who are less proficient, missions outside the classroom are on-campus under the supervision of the teacher and a group leader. In this case, interviews in French only are arranged with our staff (kitchen staff, cleaners, managers etc.) who are cooperative and show a willingness to help students and communicate with them.

For an additional fee +30€ / week

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One-to-one courses 12-17

1 lesson 45-minute class
This course can be added in standard

Class : max.1
Schedules : to be confirmed according to the date of stay and the number of lessons.

Times to be confirmed depending on the date of your stay and the number of classes.
Number of classes on request. One-to-one courses enable the teacher to plan a lesson specially designed to take into account the students’ specific needs and requirements (studying for an exam, tutoring, oral, written etc.).
A questionnaire will be sent in advance to take into account the needs of the student.

For an additional fee +49€ / lesson


Course locations

The classes will take place on Campus. .

Campus Carnot in the summer

A campus located in the city center 20 minutes walk from the Croisette.

The courtyard of the summer campus
French classes at Cannes

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