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Antibes Essential 6-78-1112-17

French courses in Antibes

Classes for all levels from the age of 6 up

Morning classes give way to activities in the afternoons and at weekends. An excellent way of combining time spent studying and a proper vacation and to make friends with the nationals from 40 different countries hosted by our school in Summer.

Standard course 8-1112-17

20 lessons 45-minute classes a week in the morning
From Monday to Thursday

Class: 15
Schedules: 9h00 - 12h20

In line with the levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, teachers bring their students on by creating learning and classroom activities that hold the interest of young learners.
During the 3 hours of each morning session.

In this 8-11 year-olds are taught spoken and written French, mainly in a fun way. The teacher uses materials and topics that reflect the interests of their young students.

12-17 year-olds are taught general French with a focus on learning the essential spoken, written and grammar competencies for each level. Through active teaching methods developed by the Centre International d’Antibes, and short teaching sequences alternating phases of concentration and interaction, teachers hold the interest of kids and teens and engage them in written and spoken production as well as reading and listening comprehension.

In the “all-inclusive”, “without accommodation” programs and available as "course only"



Intensive course 12-17

+6 lessons of 45' per week
Deux après-midi par semaine

Class: 8
Schedules: 13h45 - 16h00

This course is aimed at students wishing to make rapid progress. It complements the morning classes and students work on their spoken language skills. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, the teacher seeks to establish automatic responses, helping students to reproduce and research information and assimilate language acts and structures in line with the objectives of each level. For this, the teacher facilitates discussion and encourages everyone to contribute through starter activities to prompt oral communication, conversations, role play and debates.

For an additional fee +80€ / week

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DELF Course 12-17

+6 lessons of 45' per week
Deux après-midi par semaine

Class: 8
Schedules: 13h45 - 16h00

The morning class has the same objectives as the standard course and, as such, offers general tuition in written and spoken French using fun and motivational writing and speaking activities to give students the appropriate grammar competencies for the level being taught. The afternoon class is dedicated entirely to preparing for the DELF exam oral and written exam papers. The DELF is a national diploma that certifies proficiency in French. It covers levels A1 to B2 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Sessions disponibles: June 20th - July 3rd | July 04th - July 17th | July 18th - July 31st | Aug 1st - Aug 14th
Niveau minimum d'admission : A2 

For an additional fee +100€ / week


Abiturkurs Course 12-17

+9 lessons of 45' per week
Three afternoons a week

Class: 10
Schedules: 13h45 - 16h00

The morning class has the same syllabus as the standard course with work on grammar and developing speaking and writing competencies according to the CEFRL level. Afternoon classes are dedicated exclusively to preparing the French paper of the ABITUR: listening comprehension (interviews, conversation etc.), reading comprehension (press articles, literary texts etc.), written production (text summaries, commentaries etc.), spoken production (developing an argument, articles etc.)

Sessions disponibles: July 25th - Aug 7th  
Niveau minimum d'admission : B1

For an additional fee  +100€ / week


One-to-one courses 12-17

45 minutes per lesson
This course can be added in standard

Class: 1
Schedules:  to be confirmed according to the date of stay and the number of lessons.

In the case of one-to-one courses, a personalized syllabus is designed by the teacher and student. This course is intended to meet the specific needs of students whether written, spoken or preparing for an exam. This course can be taken as an add-on to the standard course.
Ce cours peut s’ajouter au cours standard.

For an additional fee +49€ / lesson


Fun morning activities 6-7

20 lessons of 45' per week

Class: 12
Schedules : 9h00 - 12h20

This course is in the form of fun activities aimed at our youngest students (games and teaching materials). The focus is on developing spoken skills to enable children to meet their immediate needs in their day-to-day environment and to familiarize them with the French language.

/ week

Course locations

In Summer, courses for kids and teens will be held on our "Horticole" or “Léonardo da Vinci” campus. In the school break (Easter, May, Autumn), they will be taught in our school “Le Château”.

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3 campuses to accommodate students

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