Learn French for kids in Cannes

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French language camp in Cannes for kids and teens

Campus | Host Family

from 12 to 17 y.o. : from 28th of June to 15th of August 2020

All inclusive - 850 €
Non residential - 590 €
Lessons only - 329 €

Cannes has simple public beaches, pleasant and affordable cafés, and small shops which are genuinely welcoming to young people. Students will enjoy a peaceful stay here and will be able to speak French and learn the language through contact with the local population. Our school in Cannes offers an all-inclusive programme with accommodation on campus or in a host family.

The program includes

Also available

« Non Residential »

590 €

« Lessons Only »

from 329 €


from 13 to 17 y.o |from 30st of June to 17th of August 2019

All inclusive - 850 €
Non residential - 590 €
Lessons only - 329 €

Dive into the French course while enjoying Cannes and its surroundings. This course is for children and teens who already have accommodation on site and wish to spend holidays surrounded by friends worldwide.

The program includes

CANNES : « Lessons onlys » program

from 13 to 17 y.o | from 28th of June to 15th of August 2020

All inclusive - 850 €
Non residential - 590 €
Lessons only - 329 €

Join our reputable school , our courses are designed specifically for children and teenagers who want to progress quickly in French.

The program includes

Why choose french courses for teens in Cannes ?

  • The Centre International d’Antibes in Cannes has been hosting students for more than 15 years!
  • This is the top destination on the French Riviera... teens will soon feel at ease and will have no problems finding their way around.
  • Beyond the ever-present sense of luxury, Cannes remains an affordable, attractive town for young people.
  • Teens love the town centre, which is full of energy by day and in the evening, the numerous shops and the kilometres of sandy beaches offering access to lots of exciting water activities.
  • A very well-developed transport network serves Cannes and the surrounding area.
  • By choosing Cannes, you can take advantage of the exceptional setting of Campus Carnot, located just a stone’s throw from the town centre and the beaches.
  • The local residents, the Cannois, are very friendly and accustomed to sharing their town with an international population all year round.
  • Hundreds of teens come back again and again to our Cannes campus every summer!

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