Balise alternative

Activities in CANNES

from 28th of June to 15th of August 2020

Teens are under supervision 24/7, except during the periods allowed by their permissions to go out provided by their parents.
Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions, organize games, join in during the meals and overall being available to assist the teenagers.

Every week

Excursions :

  • One full-day excursion at the weekend (the Lérins Islands, Nice or a nautical theme park).
  • One half-day excursion during the week (Monaco, Antibes, Marineland, etc)

Afternoons :

  • One sailing afternoon.
  • Numerous organized sports (tournaments, themed activities, etc.).
  • A free shuttle service to the beach or town center is available for students living on campus.

Evenings :

  • A "barbecue" or themed meal.
  • A dance evening on our premises.
  • Activities: games, cabarets, shows.


We organise extra mural programs (Kiosk) that provide students with additional activities that guarantee the best in quality, price and security.
(reservation at the school and at an extra charge).

Permission to go out

If you want more freedom and independence, don’t forget to have your parents fill out the permission form.
We must receive this document before you arrive in Cannes.

  • 30 years’ experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language.
  • School approved by the French Government (the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Education).
  • A wide choice of courses, flexible dates, prices that suit your needs.
  • A 97% success rate at the DELF examinations, proves the excellence of our teaching team.
  • A dream destination with its deep blue sea and 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Some 100,000 students have already put their trust in us !