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Safety & supervision in Biarritz

An activities team, on hand 24/7

Students are picked up upon arrival at Biarritz airport or at the accommodation desk. From that moment on, the activities team is on-hand 24/7.


A group leader present 24 hours a day

Throughout the stay and right up until departure, the activities team supervise kids and teens and remains on-hand 24 hours a day..

Our group leaders are the main contacts for our students and the activities team ensures everyone is fully inducted into this little society that is the campus or a school on arrival.
The activities team, with its hands-on approach, its joie de vivre and the sense of security it instills in young people is a key factor in the success of the stay.

On our campuses we have a robust organizational structure that meets specific standards: a Center Manager (Coordinates all staff), a Teaching Department Head (Manages the teaching team), an Activities Manager (Manages the activities team), a Deputy Activities Manager (The Activities Manager's deputy), Wardens in the boarding house in the day-time when boarders are there and at night.


Strict control of entry and exit!

Beyond the requirements of the license awarded by the French authorities for our supervision and our facilities for minors, we take great care in monitoring the coming and goings of kids and teens.

Activities team record students as they arrive and leave and ensure that parental permissions are enforced and that everyone gets back safely without leaving anything to chance.

At night the staff sleeps on site.


Autorisation de sortie parentale

Students do not have permission to leave the premises in the evening unaccompanied and parental exemptions cannot be taken into account.