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Accommodation in Biarritz

2 available housing units

Students may opt to stay in our guest house for teens or to enjoy a truly immersive experience with one of our carefully selected host families. Both options include full board.


Youth hostel

Dates : 27.06.2020 - 08.08.2020
Situation : Our guest house for teens is a 15-minute walk from the school and a 35-minute walk (20-minute bus ride) from the town center and beach.
residence in Biarritz youth hostel
bedroom room decorated in bright colors
bar area vintage and characteristic building
study break fountain in the school garden

Our guest house is surrounded by gardens and offers well-equipped, multiple occupancy rooms (3-4 beds).
Rooms have an ensuite shower and toilet. On arrival, each student is given a free pass for use on local public transport so they can get to school. Sheets are provided (but not towels) and changed every week. Rooms are given a light clean every day and a deep clean every week. Public laundromats with washing machines and dryers are available at the residence. All rooms have personal cupboards with lockers in which to store items of value. Wi-Fi is free and computers with a free internet connection are available at reception.

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Host families

Dates : 27.06.2020 - 08.08.2020
Situation : Our host families live in Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne, some near the school, others further afield (a 30-minute bus ride on average, never more than an hour).
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Our host families are carefully selected. Most have been hosting students for many years.
It is an ideal choice for independent students who want to find out more about the daily life of a French family. Full board is included and lunches and dinner are eaten with the family. The family provides a picnic for weekend excursions. Vegetarian and vegan options are available in home-stay accommodation.

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Useful information !

• On arrival, each student receives a free local public transportation card so that they can get to school.

• All of our accommodation is given a basic clean every day and a full clean once a week. Sheets are provided but not bath towels.

• Students are responsible for their rooms and must keep them in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

• Public laundries with washing machines and dryers are available at the residence.


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