Balise alternative

Security in ANTIBES

from 6 to 17 y.o. | from 05th of April to 24th of October 2020


Children and teenagers are supervised by our staff who is on the premises round the clock and ready with help and information.

Parental permission

All outings are strictly controlled by our staff and subject to parental permission.
Permission to go out depends on the child’s age :

8-12 YEARS:
No authorisation to go out without supervision. Animations are organised on campus during their free periods other than the planned activities and excursions.

13-15 YEARS :
Students are automatically authorized to go out between the end of lunch (1.30pm) and the start of dinner (7.30pm).

16-17 YEARS :
For students living on campus or in a residence, parents can give them permission to go out unaccompanied in the evenings under the following conditions :

  • One evening per week (Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the center) until 11.00pm
  • Fridays, Saturday evenings and days before a French public holiday until 1.00am

Students living with host families can automatically go out alone under the following conditions :

  • Two evenings a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) until 11.00pm,
  • Fridays, Saturday evenings and days before a French public holiday until 1.00am

Parents are informed immediately when these conditions are not respected and the school reserves the right to ground students if necessary.


Night security staff guard the campus from 7.30pm to 7.00am. Our group organizers always live on the premises.
A free shuttle service runs between the residences / campuses and the town center or beach.
The additional activities of the “Kiosk” are in accordance with the European standards of quality.
All meals are prepared on the premises and conform to strict hygiene and safety standards (HACCP).

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