Learn French In France, on the French Riviera
City and its charm.

A school year in France
Saint Raphaël 12-15

A year or semester in a French high school


from 6 000€

Host family
From September to June
French classes.

Total immersion in French life

It is said that you are truly bilingual once you start to dream in a foreign language. What better way to dream in French than to spend a year studying in France?
On our school year program, you will live with a host family, study French in a French high school and make friends for life, that is our commitment to you.
An experience that will turn 12-15 year old students into adults who are open to the world.
We offer hosting programs for students who want to spend a year or semester studying in France with a 4-week induction course on our summer campus to give them gentle immersion in the language.
All students enrolled for a school year will spend 4 weeks in Antibes before attending their high school in Saint Raphael.



The school year in Saint Raphael

Preparation in French in Antibes12-15

During this induction month, they will take 15 hours of French classes a week alongside other international students and will take part in a range of activities with them, including exploring the region and French culture. Accommodation will be on one of our summer campuses and they will attend our “Antibes Essential” course.

Good times Share your experience
City of Saint Raphaël Nice view under the sun
Friends New meetings await you during your travels


Depending on their age and academic ability, students will be in seconde (10th grade), première (11th grade) or terminale (senior year) at the lycée Stanislas in Saint Raphael.
As such, they will take French with their classmates and their preferred options including math, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, economics, French, English and history and geography.  Read more

It is a private school with a state contract and offers a high standard of tuition. In 2019 it had a 100% pass rate at the baccalauréat (high school diploma).
Its motto is: “Care and high standards”
Classes are from Monday to Friday, generally between 8 am and 6 pm, with some days fuller than others. Timetables are only published at the start of the school year.


Staying with a French host family.

Students can choose to stay with a host family and will be treated like a member of the family.
They will take part in all aspects of family life and must also adhere to house rules.
This unique experience will enable them to gain a real understanding of French culture, family events and how they are celebrated, hobbies, culture, cooking, how children are raised etc.


Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael is a small town of 36,000 inhabitants between St TROPEZ and CANNES, It is really by exploring and wandering around that they can get started.
Other than the beaches in the town center of Saint Raphaël, and the large Fréjus-plage beach, at the foot of the Esterel Massive the town conceals coves under overhanging red rocks. Read more

At the old port a promenade with wide sidewalks is always vibrant due to the shops and restaurants that tend to be very popular with kids and teens.
Saint Raphael has been awarded the “France Station nautique” quality certification: sailing, water-skiing, boat trips, deep-sea diving, sea kayaking, standup paddleboarding, canoing and an Olympic pool are all activities that students can take part in during their free time.

Find out more about the school year in

To find out more about the school year in Saint Raphael contact our customer services department who will answer all your questions on +33 (0)4 92 90 71 72 or by email.



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