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French language camps from 6 to 17 years old

For 33 years, Atoll Juniors has been the leading organization for kids and teens coming to study French in France.
French courses in the morning, a team of supportive and relaxed activity leaders on a campus near the beaches... This goes some way to explaining the secret of the success of our language camps in France to which the addition of Paris and Megève completes our "Tour de France".

Year-on-year our young people tell us that coming to learn French in France and spending time with new friends from all over the world is a wonderful experience.
These kids and teens come to us to take courses of French, or to improve their proficiency, to play games together around the pool or to try their hand at sailing for the first time.
In addition to all this, they take friendships home with them, as well as memories and another, broader perspective on the world... .
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An all-inclusive package !

Students are taken care of from their arrival at the airport or at campus reception right up until their departure.

The “all-inclusive” summer camp includes:Courses of French, full board, entertainment, excursions, activities, security and transfers to and from the airport.
Some students opt to take advantage of the “French village” as day students.      
Courses for juniors


Atoll Juniors

For 33 years the Centre International d’Antibes has been organizing French language camps in Antibes. Over the years, new destinations have been added under the banner Atoll Juniors which perpetuates the original idea of a French village for kids and teens.

Choose your destination for learning French

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ANTIBES – Côte d’Azur 6-17 y.o.
A small town with 70,000 inhabitants and a long sandy beach, 6 miles from Cannes and 12 miles from Nice.​ Open from Easter to October, our first course which opened in 1985 has become the most popular language camp in France. The camp includes “dance and fitness” and “sailing” as optional extras.

CANNES – Côte d’Azur 12-17 y.o.
The sophisticated town of cinema and its very long sandy beach along the famous “Promenade de la Croisette”. Open in Summer, this course offers a language camp and additional activities including interactive workshops. Kids and teens carry out missions on and off campus with their team-mates and teachers.
Creativity, autonomy and communication guaranteed.

JUAN LES PINS – Côte d’azur 8-17 y.o.
Contiguous with Antibes, the sandy beach and cafés of Juan-les-Pins are a paradise for French and foreign teens.​ At Easter and in Summer, this course for privileged students offers a high-end language camp. Small class sizes, exclusive accommodation and program of activities make this camp a good way of learning French in a high-end environment.

NICE partner school – Côte d’Azur 12-17 y.o.
400,000 inhabitants, a typically Mediterranean major town and capital of the Côte d’Azur.
In Summer, students come on the language camp to attend a high quality course on an elegant campus. In Nice, young people are at the heart of the action in a city that never sleeps.

PARIS partner school 12-17 y.o.
In Summer, 6 miles from the Eiffel Tower, we offer a traditional language camp on a stunning campus. Teens will be well supervised on trips that are every school student’s dream, not to mention the unmissable and very popular Disneyland!
Paris needs no introduction and kids and teens will no doubt bring back images to last them a life time. 

BIARRITZ partner school – Basque Coast 13-17 y.o.
30,000 inhabitants on the Basque Coast in France. France’s surfers’ paradise. In Summer, on the Atlantic Coast, in French Basque country, a traditional language camp in a youth hostel. Students will be attracted by the oceanic climate, the big waves and, of course, the surf spot, one of Europe's finest.
SAINT RAPHAEL – Côte d’Azur 14-17 y.o.
A quiet Mediterranean seaside town that comes to life in Summer. Academic year: A full academic syllabus for students wishing to learn French and receive general tuition in a middle school under contract with the French Education Ministry. A year in a quiet town that has built up around a beach.
MEGEVE PREMIUM partner school – Montagne/Chamonix 6-17 y.o.
Among the most elite of French mountain resorts. A little village filled with charm. This course is held both in Summer and Winter and includes a 4* hotel, small class sizes and an excellent program of activities. A French language camp in the mountains for privileged students in one of the most upmarket resorts on the planet.

Why choose Atoll Juniors – “French Village”? 

The Centre International d’Antibes, a French school accredited by the French government (through the French as a foreign language accreditation scheme, (label qualité FLE) and the Swiss accreditation scheme, EAQUALS…).

35 years’ experience teaching French and tens of thousands of parents who have placed their trust in us: Almost 4,000 young students come to us every year to learn French in France and over 40 nationalities gather together!

The “fully-inclusive” camp guarantees kids and teens are taken care of from the moment they arrive: French classes, activities, full-board, accommodation on campus or with a host family, supervision and safety, transfers to and from Nice Airport or Antibes train station.

Our teaching team based in France provides continuous training for French teachers working with teens and kids, including, in the last few years, those as young as 6. We call these fun activity mornings rather than French classes.

Every year, all of our senior activity leaders train a “first year” activity leader
to so that our culture of supporting teens and kids lives on.

Activities and excursions adored by juniors and supervised by passionate animators. Great choice of destinations and courses, flexibility of dates and rates corresponding to the needs of each.

Students’ reviews

“ Two wonderful weeks ”

My 10 years old son Sasha has just spent two wonderful weeks at Campus Horticole in Antibes and loved it. Everything worked out perfectly, he was picked up at Nice airport upon traveling there from New York and today he was drooped off at the airport again and sent to his further travels to Croatia. He loved his French classes and loved all the trips and activities they have taken during the last two weeks. Also, he has made some great friends and cannot wait to come back next summer!

“ My best vacation was there ”

Honestly my best vacation was there ... I met so many amazing people and learned a lot from the courses, and the dedicated teachers.

“ A very well-organised summer camp ”

A very well-organised summer campus with professionals who make themselves accessible to the students and supervisors who are always available to help manage and sort out any situation. An international atmosphere which works very well. The teachers are well trained and motivate the French as a foreign language students.

Our schools on video

Language camps for children and adolescents on the Côte d'Azur: unforgettable memories!
The language stay is a unique opportunity to make friends from all over the world! Some live images of the campus.
After the effort, the comfort! On the program: a day at Aquaparc d'Antibes for our youngest children aged 8-11.
Learning a language is also having fun and discovering new activities! An afternoon of initiation to sailing organized for all our junior students.

 English language   camp in Antibes

In Summer, an “English village” in which young students communicate and have fun in English. The course can be offered for boarders or day students. 

English Camp at the beach

The benefit of learning French in France for kids and teens

Stays for teens in France: a new way of learning French

The concept of language camps for teens gained ground in France from the 1970s with the craze for learning English. Going to England, then Ireland, was an opportunity for young speakers of any language to make countless discoveries. We have kept lasting memories of these experiences that both contributed to our personal development and were full of discoveries, where we were those strange foreigners for our British hosts as they were for us. As for our parents, their memories are of their kids being looked after intelligently and safely during the long Summer holidays. 
As such, when French, a language on the syllabus in school systems worldwide, began in turn to be offered on summer camps for kids and teens, the concept was already well established. It was simply a matter of adapting it to the specificities of France. Teaching French as a foreign language has become an academic subject in its own right with courses and diplomas offered by French universities. Summer French language camps for young foreigners became even more professionalized as textbooks by major academic publishers specifically designed for young learners accompanied the emergence of new methodological approaches.

french language camps

Today, French classes for kids are taught by qualified teachers skilled in the use of a range of teaching aids including ICT, injecting some fun into learning the basics of any language, creative and stimulating and, as such, using teaching methods based on the desire to learn that are motivational for kids and teens.

The language camp: A worthwhile vacation for teens 

Following the creation in France of specific teaching methods, the language camp for teens began to incorporate cultural components, particularly through a whole package of extracurricular activities.  As such, in French language camps in France, specific recreational programs were designed and included a range of sporting activities, excursions and cultural visits, an opportunity to explore the major historic and tourist sites.

Today, sporting activities and the exploration of France’s rich heritage are overseen by trained group leaders who keep a close eye on safety. These group leaders are young French adults, often university students, who, to an extent perform the role of big brothers and sisters for school kids.  You only have to see them calling each other by their first names. As such, due to their constant interaction with kids and teens and their close relationship with them, these supervisors help to create the French-only environment before and after French classes which now characterizes the summer camp.

Choose the language camp to immerse yourself in local culture 

Indeed, it is with this perspective, and to facilitate and expand this concept of immersion in their teaching strategy, that French language schools in France very quickly put in place a specific service offering accommodation with selected French host families. These host families must be able to provide meals and accommodation of a high standard as well as be at ease with teens. This takes the form of the ability to share and communicate and, most of all, to be comfortable around foreign teens who, although interested in France and the language, can sometimes be intimidated as they are not familiar with French social conventions.

In addition to offering the perfect way of learning them from the inside this type of accommodation provides an introduction to the way of life, with its daily habits and routines. Briefly sharing family time with a host family, particularly at mealtimes, is an opportunity to become familiar with the specificities of French cuisine; but it above all an opportunity to a appreciate moments full of mutual discovery and to make lots of memories.
However, this type of accommodation does require adaptation on the part of young foreigners and is not necessarily suitable for everyone. That’s why lots of young students opt for accommodation on campus. In their student residences French language camps in Summer give young people the opportunity to be together and as such evening activities with group leaders are under optimal supervision. Staying on-campus also gives teens the opportunity to interact with each other and with the various school staff: Administrative staff, group leaders and kitchen staff who, with the teaching team, are the adults responsible for providing exposure to the language that goes far beyond the classroom.

Language camps in France: A first step towards independence

One aspect of the language camp has benefits beyond learning French in France and is worthy of mention: This is the strong character-building aspect for these kids and teens of traveling alone far from home, often for the first time. This departure leads to situations, confrontations and experiences that will help you to develop their personality as the famous saying goes, “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” (Travel shapes youth). This was coined by intellectuals of the Enlightenment who were already fully aware of the educational role of interaction with other cultures and with the different ways of thinking about the world.
Another important consideration is that  a summer camp in France should raise awareness among foreign teens. It should show them that a French class is not just a school subject in which you can get good or bad grades, but a real tool for communicating with different people in a foreign land: The French in France.

Teachers will strive to help raise their awareness in this way by removing their students from the classroom context. They will try to bring about encounters with shopkeepers, passers-by, professionals etc.  They will have prepared their students in advance by giving them the necessary language tools for this communication outside the classroom.
This mix of French classes and a French-speaking environment raises awareness among teens of their ability to cope with real-life situations in the day-to-day. Guided by the teacher who does not try to make things difficult but to build their confidence, students are able to see a gradual increase in their autonomy. But, when it comes down to it, the French language camp in France will be an interlude, a moment suspended elsewhere, where kids and teens will have experienced something else, will have had their certainties up-ended, lost their bearings, have had to make an effort to adapt to a new, international environment with kids and teens of their age from the world over. They will have gained in maturity and have learned a little more about themselves, gained a degree of confidence and ultimately had a good time whilst perhaps making new lifelong friends.


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