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Our online French course program

Since its establishment in 1985, the academic department of the CIA has demonstrated its teaching quality and effectiveness with over 110,000 students who have taken French lessons at our French school in Antibes. Our E-learning classes have been elaborated by our experienced CIA professors and is based on our methodological knowledge and teaching experience.

Our French courses focus on practical communication, both written and oral, covering topics that are required in everyday life.
Whatever your level, your age and the time you’re able to devote to learning the French language, our professors will help you progress while making their lessons motivating and pleasant.

Content of our online French classes


Complete learning

Elaboration of the 4 skills in conjunction with a wide variety of teaching aids. Work on grammar, pronunciation, and familiarization or deepening of points relating to French life.

Well-known methodology

The professor is present during the entire session. It is she/he who will direct the session according to the methodological framework established by the pedagogical direction of the CIA.

Practical communication 

Our courses favor practical communication, both written and oral. The active-learning pedagogy that has made the reputation of the CIA teaching methods is widely used. 


Other online French courses

Practical information for all our online courses

Before the lesson​

The week before the course begins, students will complete our "Digital Assessment Test", as well as a "Student Questionnaire" in order to better identify their needs and expectations. The student must send us these documents no later than by 2:00 pm on Thursday so that they can join the course on Monday morning. In case of delay in sending these documents, the course can only start on Tuesday for this particular student.

Test & Questionnaire​

Along with the Test and the Questionnaire, the student receives a "Guide for the student in e-learning" which explains how the sessions take place and how to quickly handle the ZOOM distance learning software. It is imperative that the student becomes familiar with the handling of the software by following the explanations in the Guide and the recommended tutorial. 


​Once the level of the student has been determined, the educational director places the student in the appropriate group under the guidance of a professor. This structure is the most appropriate educational approach of allocation of students into a program based on the profile of their group as well as the duration of learning.

During the first lesson

The professor will invite students to download our Grammar Guide from the digital platform of our monthly magazine « Le Français et Vous ».

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