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Intensive course 30 Adults

30 lessons of 45 minutes a week 

30 French classes a week is a substantial commitment which requires real motivation. This course has been developed for students who want to learn to speak French for pleasure or work and make rapid progress.

The morning module offers tuition in general written and spoken French in a motivated and relaxed atmosphere.It is in the afternoon that the word “intensive course” takes on its significance. In a group of no more than 6 people you will be challenged to find explanations and defend a position you have chosen. You will have to pay attention, spot your interlocutors’ questions and start to manage your automatic responses. As such it's an intensive exercise: this is where you develop your linguistic reactions, this is where you learn to speak French without thinking. It is in France, in the country itself, that intensive classes become relevant.

Morning timetable

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12.20 pm (including a 20-minute break)
In the morning written and spoken French is taught using dynamic and fairly intense teaching methods. Learning the required grammar points for each level, speaking and writing, reading and listening comprehension, role plays etc: here is an overview of morning activities.

Afternoon timetable

Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 4 pm (including a 15-minute break)  
The afternoon classes in small groups are based on developing listening comprehension and spoken expression. Active and stimulating teaching methods are used, involving full student participation.
Moreover, these classes familiarize students with French life, culture and civilization. Indeed, learning a modern foreign language is not restricted to the classroom! This is why learning opportunities may be organized outside (discussions with inhabitants, interviews etc.).
As such, the intensive course is an ideal opportunity to talk to other learners, offer a point of view on current affairs, consolidate your pronunciation and much more!
The afternoon timetable provides opportunities for everyone to speak without worrying about their limitations or shyness.

Level: beginners to advanced
Class size: a maximum of 12 students in the morning and 6 in the afternoon
Course start dates​: every Monday except complete beginners

Price per week

1 week 2 - 4 weeks 5 weeks +





Staying 5 weeks or more?

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Standard Course + single room in the residence 320€ /per week.
Standard Course + double room in the residence 253€ / per week.

interactive lesson

We will encourage you to speak French throughout your stay!

Useful information!

• There are no lessons on the first Monday of your stay. You will take a test of written and oral French in the morning to assess your language level and assign you to a class. At the beginning of the afternoon there will be a briefing and a guided tour of the town.

• Course location: In general lessons are held at the “Le Château” school. When this school has reached maximum capacity, students take their lessons at the “Le Port” school.

• No lessons on public holidays : May 01 | May 13 | May 24 | Jul 14 | Aug 15 | Nov 01 | Nov 11
• Christmas break : 2020/2021: Dec 19  - Jan 01;
                                2021/2022: Dec 17 -  Jan 03
• Special dates for complete beginners: 2020: Sep 21 | Oct 05 | Oct 19 | Nov 09 | Nov 30
2021: Jan 04 | Jan 25 | Feb 22 | Mar 08 | Mar 22 | Apr 05 | Apr 26 | May 03 | Mai 17 | Jun 07 | Jun 21 | Jul 05 | Jul 19 | Aug 02 | Aug 23 | Sep 06 | Sep 20 | Oct 04 | Oct 18 | Nov 08 | Nov 29

Why choose the intensive course 30 at Centre International d’Antibes?

• On the first Monday of your language stay, after an induction meeting, the morning will be spent on a written French test alongside a short oral interview which will enable the teaching department to create classes based on levels. You will be briefed on life in France.
• From Tuesday to Friday, in the afternoon you can take an intensive module which is intended as the perfect add-on to the morning classes boosting your confidence in speaking in a small amount of time. You will find it much easier to communicate in France.
• Une équipe pédagogique et administrative qui fera tout ce qui est possible pour favoriser votre immersion linguistique et rendre votre séjour à Antibes le plus agréable possible.

• Des enseignants passionnés et diplômés, grâce à une pédagogie active et à un enseignement dynamique, vous permettront de maximiser votre temps de parole, condition nécessaire pour améliorer votre niveau.
• This intensive class offers two hours per day, in small groups (no more than 6 people) in order to encourage you to speak and build on your oral competencies and knowledge of the various aspects of life and culture in France (gastronomy, art, history of the region, local and national traditions etc.)
• Vous bénéficierez d’un guide grammatical offert par l’école et spécialement rédigé par notre équipe pédagogique pour les étudiants étrangers. De plus, des activités et des exercices en ligne (grammaire, vocabulaire, …) peuvent être réalisés gratuitement sur notre site pédagogique, le Français et Vous.

• Votre professeur de l’après-midi intervient en coordination avec celui du matin pour que votre travail soit le plus efficient possible.
• Il fait intervenir des activités diverses et plaisantes pour stimuler l’expression orale ce qui permet de pratiquer à l’oral les points qui ont été étudiés le matin. Vous pourrez ainsi améliorer votre prononciation, développerez votre lexique et prendrez davantage confiance en vous.
• The intensive course includes 23 hours of French in total and ends at 4 pm so that you can continue to explore Antibes and the Côte d’Azur.
• On Monday afternoon there is a guided tour of Antibes with a school staff member who will share the secrets of this town with you.

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