Standard course in small groups for 30+

French courses for adults in group of 6

20 lessons per week

Morning classes mainly attended by young professionals offer personalized teaching methods as well as intense tuition.This personalized approach is made possible due to the fact class sizes are capped at 6 people and requires high levels of personal participation.

With students within similar age categories grouped together, you will have the opportunity to work with people with similar needs and interests, which promotes learning and a work atmosphere.


Morning schedule

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. (including a 20-minute break)

Morning French courses include general spoken and written French, taught by demanding teachers who will make the most of the small class sizes.
Small groups speed up progress, enabling teachers to take into account everyone’s personal specificities whilst maintaining the objective of overall progression. Role-play will be used frequently as a useful way of establishing a bond within the group and of introducing an element of fun.

Why choose the standard course 30+?

The standard course 30+ offered by the Centre International d’Antibes is for over 30 year-olds only and is a good package for all those wishing to improve their French in an efficient way and in a pleasant setting. Small class sizes with students who share key characteristics (age, interests, language requirements, etc.)

In a fun and studious atmosphere, the students can improve their French proficiency faster. With competent teachers and modern teaching methods, the Standard Course 30+ will enable you to meet all of your objectives (working or studying in France, learning French for pleasure, accelerating career progression, etc.)..


Small class sizes with students who share key characteristics (age, interests, language requirements, etc.). Individual monitoring and assessments are regularly carried out to determine learners' knowledge in French. 
With 35-year experiences of teaching French as a foreign language, our French school in France is also accredited by the French State (departments for Education, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Youth and Sport etc), which is part of what makes the Centre International d’Antibes the ideal choice to study French in France. The region is renowned for its climate as well as cultural and historical diversity.

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Accommodation at Airbnb prices

Students coming to take French courses in France often opt for an apartment in the town center. We offer serviced studio apartments for one or two people at Airbnb prices. You can also opt for a host family.

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