Teacher training

Continuous teacher training seminar for secondary school teachers focussed on contemporary France combined with active learning methods

This training seminar is eligible for the ERASMUS+ program

A course over 5 mornings aimed a secondary teacher with an interest in active teaching methods, an innovative and communicative methodology to spark an interest in learning and as a lively, creative and enjoyable approach to the civilization part of the language lesson.

Content of Training program

Teachers will learn about recent works of literature, films, songs and comic books which refer to contemporary France and French people. These authentic documents will enable us to take a wider perspective on approaches in the classroom, with a focus on stimulating learning activities.


Seminars on Mondays to Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 1:05 p.m. (25 units of 45 minutes).

Сhanges in French society are interpreted using a selected body of authentic contemporary artistic and cultural documents. This is combined with active consideration of the methodological approach. This is done in small working groups enabling participants to consider their possible applications in the classroom and offer a number of practical ideas for using these documents. Afternoon visits are offered to complement the course and introduce the cultural diversity of the Côte d’Azur. This year, the seminar will focus on the following topic: « 1945–2020, les 75 années qui ont changé la société française, vues à travers la littérature, la chanson, le cinéma et la bande dessinée » Training led by Alexandre Garcia, Pedagogical Director.

Discovery of the region

After the training in the morning, we offer teachers the opportunity to explore the region. On the program: 3 half-day excursions to neighbouring towns such as Cannes, Antibes and Nice. With an additional fee, they can also join an excursion or activity such as a tour of the Grasse perfumery.


The package includes an accommodation on our campus, located a stone's throw from downtown.

Teachers are accommodated in Campus Carnot, a listed site in a safe and quiet setting near from downtown Cannes and la Croisette. The accommodation is in a well-equipped spacious double room with a private bathroom shared by 2 rooms (shower and toilets included). The setting is conducive to teaching and relaxation.

  • Wifi
  • Laundry
  • Garden
  • Kitchenette

Why choose teacher training at the Centre International d’Antibes?

A course that combines an introduction to contemporary authentic documents related to current realities and exploring ideas for methodology.
Centre International d’Antibes is renowned for its expertise in continuous training for teachers of French as a foreign language. It enjoys a good working relationship with many international teacher training organizations.
The Centre International d'Antibes enjoys a close relationship with the French Foreign Affairs’ Ministry’s language and cultural network responsible for promoting French teaching overseas.

The CIA's teaching department and teachers regularly chair educational seminars overseas. They are invited by these French cultural organisations but also by local training bodies or French teachers’ associations.
The Centre International d’Antibes is registered with the Nice Board of Education as a private higher education provider. It has had “Qualité FLE” certification, awarded by the French state, since 2007 and has been accredited by Eaquals since 2000.
The course is eligible for the ERASMUS + program n° PIC 944934231.

The course is 18.75 hours long and is only held in the morning to offer participants the opportunity to explore the Côte d’Azur. A program of visits is organised by the school.
certificate stating the content of 25 45-minute training units (18.75) is issued to any participant who has attended this course regularly.
The school publishes a free monthly digital magazine, Le Français et Vous, which, has been offering articles and and teaching resources completely based on the principles of active learning since 2009.

Themed French classes "Loisir en France"

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