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CSN course for Swedish  students Adults

20 or 30 lessons of 45 minutes a week

A French course over at least 3 weeks for Swedish students. A loan or grant may be awarded by the Swedish government for this course.

Under the CSN funding scheme, we offer our 20 or 30 lesson courses. At the end of each 3-week course, you will be offered formal assessment. It will enable your teacher and the teaching department to review your progress and, where appropriate, move you up a level. At the end of the course, in accordance with the guidelines of the Swedish CSN scheme, you will sit a formal graded exam in the school. You will be issued with a certificate stating the level achieved in particular.

Morning timetable

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12.20 pm (including a 20-minute break)
This morning class is for all students in the school.  It will be held in small groups and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your free time in the afternoon and at weekends.
Classes offer general French tuition focussed on oral activities but where all competencies are covered, including pronunciation and understanding French culture. Classes will be taught exclusively in French, in a relaxed atmosphere, under the supervision of friendly teachers specialized in teaching French as a foreign language.

Afternoon timetable

Tuesday to Friday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
For those who have opted for a course of 30 classes a week, afternoon classes are in small groups and facilitate spoken expression and comprehension. Active and stimulating teaching methods are used, involving full student participation. These classes, which complement the morning classes, are intended to give you a better understanding of life in France and familiarize you with the country's culture and civilization. You will be offered educational activities outside the school since, for us, learning a modern language is not restricted to the classroom Learning opportunities may be organized in the old town of Antibes (discussions with inhabitants, interviews etc.).  Afternoon classes encourage you to communicate and discuss with other students and meet real French people.

Level: beginners to advanced
Class size: 12 students max in the morning and 6 in the afternoon
Course start dates: every Monday except complete beginners
2 - 4 weeks
5 weeks +

Per week

Per week


Staying 5 weeks or more?

Discover our packages for Long stay courses

Standard Course + single room in the residence 320€ / per week
Standard Course + single room in the residence 253€ / per week

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This course is eligible for a scholarship or financial support from the Swedish government.

Useful information!

• There are no lessons on the first Monday of your stay. You will take a test of written and oral French in the morning to assess your language level and assign you to a class. At the beginning of the afternoon there will be a briefing and a guided tour of the town.

• Course location: In general lessons are held at the “Le Château” school. When this school has reached maximum capacity, students take their lessons at the “Le Port” school.

• No lessons on public holidays : 13.04 | 01.05 | 21.05 | 01.06 | 14.07 | 11.11

• Christmas break : 19.12.2020 - 04.01.2021

• Special dates for complete beginners: 06.01 | 27.01 | 24.02 | 09.03 | 23.03 | 06.04 | 27.04 | 04.05 | 18.05 | 01.06 | 22.06 | 06.07 | 20.07 | 03.08 | 24.08 | 31.08 | 21.09 | 05.10 | 19.10 | 09.11 | 30.11

Why choose Centre International d’Antibes?

Qualified, experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching French
A teaching method that has won over thousands of students taught by the Centre International d’Antibes. It is stimulating and energizes the class in which the student is an active participant rather than a passive recipient. A course focussed on communication to rapidly improve oral and writing skills.

Outside educational activities to immerse you in real-life situations in France. Regular monitoring of students and weekly assessments to review progress or difficulties
A renowned school which is accredited and certified by many official bodies (Professional consortium of French as a Foreign Language Providers, Eaquals, Label Qualité, Eaquals, Qualité FLE etc.)

• A monthly educational publication, Le Français et Vous, which provides fun activities to complement the work done in class and expand your knowledge of French culture (literature, cinema, music etc.).
Teaching and administrative staff on call to listen and responsible for making your stay is a success.
A pleasant setting for studying French in a region that offers an ideal climate as well as rich historic and cultural heritage.

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Would you like to learn or improve your French, take a vacation while enjoying the pleasant Mediterranean weather and socializing with students of your age group from around the world?