European relation course


30 lessons a week

Since 2010, the Centre International d’Antibes has played host to representatives and officials from the European Union as part of their continuous professional development. The CIA French language school also trains future diplomats from the German Federal Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The course has a minimum requirement of level B1 of the CEFRL and its content is aimed at representatives, European diplomats, officials from the European Union and Council of Europe as well as officials from other international institutions (EPO, CJEU, NATO, Frontex etc.) These classes are also aimed at lawyers from European institutions, international lawyers etc.



Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. (including a 20-minute break)

Morning classes are aimed at improving language proficiency including developing the grammatical skills appropriate to the group's level.

The course also includes work on documents and work-related situations linked to European issues as well as general work on comprehension and expression skills. All tasks are part of an interactive approach that is engaging for the learner.


Monday to Friday, 2 to 4 p.m. (including a 15-minute break)

Afternoon classes mainly involve speaking practice with a focus on the grammar and vocabulary covered in the morning. Issues connected to the French-speaking world, the European Union and its institutions are studied as well as international relations.

Intercultural analysis (politics, history etc.) and activities related to French and European political life are also among the topics regularly covered. For these activities, which are intended to be both varied and lively (debates, international scenarios, presentations etc.), various tools will be used (video projector etc.) as well as appropriate materials (internet, press articles, legal texts, videos, authentic written and audio documents etc.).

Why choose the European relations course at the Centre International d'Antibes?

French course adapted to students
European relations classes tailored to the needs of European officials and with small class sizes (maximum of 4 students per class), thus promoting effective student participation.
A specialist course that enables students to communicate more confidently in real-life situations (meetings, public speaking, general conversation with French-speakers, debates etc.).
Course chosen by European officials (political leaders, lawyers, interpreters etc.) but also by those studying political sciences or international relations. An interactive and task-based approach tailored to the language needs of each learner within the framework of the CEFRL.
Track record of accommodating and training European officials. A trained teaching department offering regular monitoring and targeted remedial work.

Useful information

The first day at school:
Students who have completed the assessment test no later than the Wednesday preceding their arrival will be able to start classes straight away on the Monday morning. Everyone else will complete the test at the school on the Monday morning and start classes on the Tuesday morning. The school organises an information meeting and a guided tour of the town.

In general, lessons are held at the “Le Château” school. When this school has reached maximum capacity, students take their lessons at the “Le Port” school.

No lessons on public holidays:
18 Apr | 1 May | 26 May | 06 June | 14 July | 15 Aug | 1 Nov | 11 Nov

Christmas break:
16 Dec 2022 - 2 Jan 2023

Arrival dates:
23 Jan | 24 Apr | 22 May | 19 Jun | 3 Jul | 21 Aug | 25 Sep | 23 Nov

French course in small groups

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