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Business executives course Adults

30 lessons of 45 minutes a week

This two-week business French course is open to students from level B1 and is held in small groups (maximum of 4 students per class). It is aimed at professionals from all sectors (directors, managers, employees, business students etc.) who want to perfect their language skills to meet the specific needs of the business world.

Drawing on situations and documents from the business world or the world of work, this course includes activities that are based on communicating in a professional setting, day-to-day interaction and also the economic, social and political context in France.

Morning schedule

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12.20 pm (including a 20-minute break)
Morning classes include grammar and vocabulary revision as well as work on themes closely linked to the business world using a range of materials (specialist press articles, audio documents on economic issues etc.).  Activities will focus on daily tasks (workplace communication scenarios, drafting formal emails, resumes etc.).  Students will also be encouraged to discuss domestic and international economic current affairs.

Afternoon schedule

Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 4 pm (including a 15-minute break)
The afternoon class is mostly dedicated to consolidating spoken production and listening comprehension (negotiations, simulations, interviews, listening etc.) but also points such as knowledge of the specificities of the world of work in France (workplace routines, intercultural awareness, social life etc.).
In a relaxed environment the student will learn to handle authentic communication scenarios (day-to-day interaction at the office, public speaking, telephone conversations etc.).


Level: advanced (B1)
Class size: 4 students max. in the morning and afternoon
Course start dates: specific (see below)

Classes 2 weeks  

Per week


training courses

Courses for professionals in all sectors of activity

Useful information!

• There are no lessons on the first Monday of your stay. You will take a test of written and oral French in the morning to assess your language level and assign you to a class. At the beginning of the afternoon there will be a briefing and a guided tour of the town.

• Course location: In general lessons are held at the “Le Château” school. When this school has reached maximum capacity, students take their lessons at the “Le Port” school.

• No lessons on public holidays: May 01 | May 05 | May 05 | July 14 | Aug 15 | Nov 01 | Nov 11

• Christmas break: Dec 16 -  Jan 02

• Special dates for this course: Jan 09| Feb 06 | Mar 06| May 05 | June 12| June 26 | July 17| Aug 07 | Sep 11 | Oct 09 | Nov 13

Why choose the business executive course at the Centre International d'Antibes?

Innovative, interactive teaching methods that promote total immersion in the business world.
Small class sizes to optimize learning.
Content tailored to decision-makers and the particularities of the business world

Experienced teachers who adapt to the needs of students in order to meet their objectives.
A course that provides the language and intercultural tools needed to work in a French-speaking environment and to accelerate your career progression.

The school is in an ideal location in a town renowned for sunshine and cultural heritage.
The school has been awarded French as a foreign language certification, Qualité FLE, and has thirty years’ experience in teaching French as a foreign language.

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