Courses for Business Executives

Courses for Business Executives

30 lessons of 45 minutes a week

This two-week business French course in mini-groups is designed for professionals in all sectors of activity.

Required level: Intermediate to advanced.

Courses start: see the start dates for the courses for business executives..

13.01 • 10.02 • 02.03 • 04.05 • 08.06 • 29.06 • 20.07 • 10.07 • 14.09 • 12.10 • 16.11

Morning, From 9.00 am to 12.20 pm*

From Monday to Friday - 4 students max.

The morning lessons will refine your linguistic skills drawing on professional and para-professional situations and documents.

They’ll teach you to recognize different registers of language via role-playing in simulated phone conversations. We’ll then assess and correct your performance, using video playback.

* Includes a 20-minute break.

Afternoons, From 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

From Tuesday to Friday - 4 students max.

The afternoon lessons focus on themes closely related to the professional world (French commerce, the tax system, phone conversations…) You’ll learn how to act appropriately when meeting someone for the first time, improve your French in order to put your own message over and understand the real meaning of what the other person is saying and master communication in the professional world.


2 weeks

695 €

per week

Useful information !
  • Course location: In general lessons are held at the “Le Château” school. When this school has reached maximum capacity, students take their lessons at the “Le Port” school.
  • No lessons on public holidays: 13.04 • 01.05 • 21.05 • 01.06 • 14.07 • 01.11 • 11.11
  • 30 years’ experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language.
  • School approved by the French Government (the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Education).
  • A wide choice of courses, flexible dates, prices that suit your needs.
  • A 97% success rate at the DELF examinations, proves the excellence of our teaching team.
  • A dream destination with its deep blue sea and 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Some 100,000 students have already put their trust in us !