Charter of excellence

Charter of excellence

A tradition of excellence dating back to 1985…

The Centre International d’Antibes is committed to acclaimed quality teaching.

Qualified teachers

They have been selected for their qualifications, experience and human qualities. Their passion for teaching and their communication skills make them excellent at their profession.

The Centre d’International d’Antibes and Europe

During its involvement with the 2001 European Year of Languages, our school adopted the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) , as set down by the Council of Europe and the European Language Portfolio. All students over 16 at our school can therefore earn a European Language Passport.

Our international links

The management team and teaching staff at the Centre International d’Antibes are regularly invited to lead seminars abroad by French cultural bodies, local training organizations or associations of French teachers.

The Centre International d’Antibes maintains close relations with the linguistic and cultural network of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs which promotes ways of learning French.

Centre International d'Antibes is involved with the work of "Souffle" abroad. Several times a year "Souffle" organizes "Souffle Days" at French cultural institutions to promote the influence of the French language and culture.

Français & Vous, The Centre International d’Antibes produces a free monthly teaching resources magazine under the editorial direction of Alexandre Garcia.

Our quality credentials
  • 30 years’ experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language.
  • School approved by the French Government (the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Education).
  • A wide choice of courses, flexible dates, prices that suit your needs.
  • A 97% success rate at the DELF examinations, proves the excellence of our teaching team.
  • A dream destination with its deep blue sea and 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Some 100,000 students have already put their trust in us !