Optional classes

This course combines the emulation and fun of a group class with thematic tuition tailored to specific needs.

4 lessons per week

This course is perfect for learners with special needs when they start learning French in France.

Wide-ranging classroom activities and teaching methods facilitate teamwork allowing everyone to make the most of their stay, develop their language skills and immerse themselves in French culture. 4 optional thematic French classes that complement the group class (registration on-site only).


Before lunch

Monday to Friday from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m.

A personalized syllabus to meet the needs of every student. Choose from 3 options:

  • Business French

Themes will focus on economic events and the groups’ requirements. Various topics may be covered (the business world, different types of businesses in France, the banking system, taxation, business correspondence, the particularities of the world of work in France etc.).

  • Pronunciation & Phonetics

A syllabus will be designed at the start of the course based on the requirements of participants and their language needs. All themes will be in a 3-part sequence: pronunciation tools, sounds, pronunciation practice.

  • Political Life

Initially, depending on the group's requirements, you will cover topics such as institutions, citizenship, the constitutional framework of political life, the workings of the French political system, political parties, unions etc...The course will go on to cover current political events to prompt discussion.

Why choose optional classes at the Centre International d’Antibes?

A course that gives you the opportunity to choose optional classes to meet specific needs (business French, pronunciation, politics). An intensive course focussing on communication which offers the opportunity to improve language proficiency.

Regular monitoring of students and weekly assessments to track progress.
An intensive course that allows you to improve your French but also to familiarize yourself with French culture. Qualified teachers with practical experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language and supporting student progression. Classes that promote student participation through active, inspiring, active teaching methods that encourage students to speak.
A renowned school in France which is accredited and certified by many official bodies (Professional consortium of French as a Foreign Language Providers, Eaquals, Label Qualité, Eaquals, Qualité FLE etc.). An educational site, Le Français et Vous, to build on work done in class. A perfect setting for studying French in a region that offers an ideal climate as well as rich historic and cultural heritage!

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