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Why you should study for the DELF in France

The DELF diploma is an official diploma prepared by more than 400,000 candidates each year. and without any time limit. Why is it so important?

A diploma for all French learners

An french official diploma, created in 1985. Suitable for a wide range of groups, and available at four different levels (from A1 to B2), with no time limit. Can be taken in more than a thousand exam centres worldwide. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the Diplôme d’Etudes de Langue Française, better known as the DELF (it’s worth noting that at levels C1 and C2, the diploma is known as the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, or DALF). Every year, nearly 400.000 candidates around the globe study for the DELF or DALF![youtube align="right" id="85GXVaqq8NM"]

A diploma offering a wealth of opportunities

If, like our student Marta whose ambition is to join the European Parliament, you are aiming for a career with the European institutions, the DELF is a huge asset. It’s also important if you hope to study at a university in a French-speaking country or work in fields such as diplomacy, teaching, international law or humanitarian aid. Moreover, since it is an accredited french diploma which validates your writing and speaking abilities, it provides you with an objective assessment of your language level. In short, this french language certification is a true recognition of your French skills, issued by an official body.

Studying for the DELF in France

At the Centre International d’Antibes, we welcome lots of students who are preparing to take the qualification. For our DELF students, passing this french language exam is a way of combining something useful with something enjoyable. We are often told that it is an important step for young people who want to take part in the Erasmus + programme in France. As for those who live in the country, the DELF is necessary for their continued residence here. It also promotes integration.

It’ll help you make more friends and meet more contacts who will come in useful later when you’re trying to secure your first job in France. With a better knowledge of French language and french culture, you’ll find it easier to communicate and deal with other people. Thanks to the French lessons given by our teachers, our students learn good habits for writing and speaking, without forgetting to apply the required methodology. It was this approach that led to 100% of our students passing their DELF exams in February. Not bad, I think you’ll agree! Whether they are personal, professional or academic, there are always good reasons to study for the DELF in France!

DELF courses in France

Alexandra - 20/04/2018

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