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DELF Examination

Why pass the DELF examination?

One of the most important reasons for taking this exam is your pleasure and pride when you pass it!

Over the last few years more and more people have been taking the DELF, an examination which marked its 30th anniversary last year. What are the reasons for this success?

To take a course of study in France?

Well, one of the best replies to that question would be: So that you can enter university. So that you can prepare yourself initially with an immersion course for adults in France, in order to be constantly in contact with the language, as do, for example, many students at the CIA. Each year the teaching staff at the CIA collectively helps over 98% of our students taking the exam to obtain a pass grade: Proof of the way our team works together in the service of our students. Once students have prepared for the exam and their teachers have agreed they are ready, they can confidently take the DELF in France. And, once they have passed it, they can take that university course they were dreaming of.

To establish business partnerships with France?

But there’s more to it than that. Professionals wishing to establish business partnerships with French-speaking companies are strongly advised to improve French in France, and why not do so by taking a DELF Pro? They would then be capable of grasping the specifics of professional French and having their skills validated. Speaking of professionalism, we should not forget that in many French-speaking countries such as Switzerland you need to have passed the DELF in order to apply for certain positions – as a teacher, for instance - or to progress in a career such as heading up an accountancy department.

To apply for French nationality?

And speaking of candidacies, what about applying for French citizenship? It’s in fact essential for anyone hoping to obtain French nationality to have passed the DELF. There’s another reason for taking this exam: The desire to make progress in a language you love by preparing for it through an immersion course for adults in France so that you can make progress and be sure you have made progress. So you can see that there are numerous reasons why you might want to prepare for this exam. There are many more besides, one of the most important surely being your pleasure and pride when you pass it!

Prepare your DELF at the Centre International d'Antibes

eric - 21/04/2016

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