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Tips to learn French

Nowadays learning of a foreign language is a need and why not learning French? French is one of the main languages of international communication and if English is a popular language, French is the privilege of an elite, the language of fashion, of culture and of kitchen.

Especially for those who start or continue to learn French, the blog of the Centre International d’Antibes France publishes the practical tips which will help to better understand all the intricacies of the language of Victor Hugo and to be aware of all new changes in language.

French exclamations

Essential French phrases

Ledvina - 19/09/2019
Tips to learn French

Everyone who is learning French knows that the language is full of phrases and expressions used by French speakers in a variety of situations. These can have lots of different uses, but which of them are absolutely essential to master?

Love phrases

Talking about love and life in French

Ledvina - 07/08/2019
Tips to learn French

Whose mind doesn’t turn to thoughts of romance when they think of France? With a global reputation like that, it’s not surprising that French people use expressions of love every day. Find out what they are!

Verbs conjugation

Learning to conjugate French verbs

Ledvina - 10/07/2019
Tips to learn French

You’ve no doubt noticed that French verbs are pretty tricky to conjugate. But are there any mnemonic techniques and tools available to help you out? What differences are there between French and other European languages in this area?

French Europeans

Which are the easiest languages to learn?

Ledvina - 05/06/2019
Tips to learn French

Did you know that around 7,000 languages are spoken around the world? So you’re spoilt for choice if you want to learn a new language! Do you think some are easier to learn than others? Is it possible to group languages into different families based on their similarities?

The French and money

French attitudes to money

Alexandra - 19/10/2018
Tips to learn French

Is it easy to talk to French people about money? What are some famous French expressions involving money? Join us as we delve into the particular nature of France’s relationship with money in this article


Good pronunciation matters!

Alexandra - 28/09/2018
Tips to learn French

A good grasp of grammar and vocabulary is important, but pronunciation is essential if you want to communicate effectively in French. Check out our tips to help you improve your pronunciation


Foreign words in French

Alexandra - 19/09/2018
Tips to learn French

Some foreign words are used in French just as some French words are used in other languages. Where does this phenomenon come from? Let’s find out.

Reading a book

Summer’s here, and it’s time to get stuck in to some French books!

meriek - 27/08/2018
Tips to learn French

Summer breaks lend themselves to a variety of activities. Reading a good book is the perfect holiday pastime, but it’s also a great way to improve your French.


Learn French through comics

meriek - 03/08/2018
Tips to learn French

France, Belgium and Switzerland have historically been the countries which have given us some of the biggest names in comics: Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe, Titeuf, Spirou et Fantasio, Thorgal, Lucky Luke, and many others. Comics can also be a really interesting way to learn French – read on to find out why!


Films for learning French

meriek - 07/06/2018
Tips to learn French

Films can be a good way to learn French and improve, particularly helping you get used to the language.

University in France

Why you should study for the DELF in France

Alexandra - 20/04/2018
Tips to learn French

The DELF is an official diploma. More than 400,000 candidates study for the exam every year. There are four levels and no time limits. Why do people sit the exam and why is it so important to our students? It’s a diploma which offers a wealth of opportunities...

Children's learning

Teaching French to children

Alexandra - 16/03/2018
Tips to learn French

Lots of studies show that it’s best to start learning French at as young an age as possible. That’s why early language learning is becoming increasingly common today. Children are more malleable and receptive. The Centre International d’Antibes and its online magazine Le Français et Vous offers fun activities and interactive games to help the youngest children start learning French.

Learning Books

Speaking French - Some common mistakes to avoid

Alexandra - 08/03/2018
Tips to learn French

French is a fascinating language, but a tricky one! There are a few common mistakes that you can easily avoid with a little care.

New Year

Good resolutions to help you learn French

Ledvina - 12/01/2018
Tips to learn French

The new year is here and it’s time to make some resolutions for learning French. Here, we suggest the five commandments that will help you improve your language level.

Idiomatic expressions

French Idioms

Ledvina - 04/01/2018
Tips to learn French

Some expressions are difficult to translate into your own language: these are idioms. Learn French in France and gain a better understanding of these phrases.


Learning French with books

Ledvina - 14/12/2017
Tips to learn French

Learn French through books and literature is an excellent way to improve your language skills while having a good time. Dive into one of those novels and follow the tracks of your favourite heroes between Nice and Antibes.


Let’s listen to songs in French!

Ledvina - 23/11/2017
Tips to learn French

Learning French isn’t easy. But there is a way to make progress with oral comprehension, enrich your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation! I’m talking about songs, of course!


Literature and learning French

Ledvina - 09/11/2017
Tips to learn French

Reading is essential for learning French. It improves your comprehension of written documents by prompting you to look up the meaning of words you don’t know or to re-read passages which aren’t clear.


Savoir-vivre à la française: speaking French around a glass of wine !

Gloria - 28/09/2017
Tips to learn French

Wine is a must in French gastronomy. On the French Riviera, where the International Center of Antibes is located, and everywhere in Provence, the king of wines is of course the rosé! We will show you some French expression inspired by wine.

Learn French

Why should I learn French?

Gloria - 21/09/2017
Tips to learn French

Learning another language is always difficult. The ideal solution is to take a language course in the country of the language that you want to learn.


French Immersion Stay in Provence

Gloria - 24/08/2017
Tips to learn French

Provence is a region in the south-east of France where the sun shines, the cicadas sing and the fields of lavender stretch as far as the eye can see.

Don't miss it

Learn French with 5 Unmissable French Movies

Gloria - 01/06/2017
Tips to learn French

Five must-see movies which will allow you to understand better the French cinematic culture and improve your French level or learn French in the same time

University in France

Doing a Bachelor's or Master's in France

Gloria - 04/05/2017
Tips to learn French

France offers high quality courses and the diplomas it awards are recognized throughout the world.

French on the beach

How can you learn French and have a holiday by the sea?

Ledvina - 06/04/2017
Tips to learn French

It’s easy to combine learning French with taking a break!

Valentine's Day

St. Valentine’s Day: the lovers’ holiday

zoe - 14/02/2017
Tips to learn French

14 February is a date well known to lovers: St. Valentine’s Day. In France, the tradition is to offer a gift to your beloved.


10 curiosities about the French language

anna - 16/01/2017
Tips to learn French

Here are ten examples of difficulties or curiosities you will encounter in the French language.

Learning French

How to learn French for free

Ledvina - 23/12/2016
Tips to learn French

To learn your favourite language, you can take the traditional route, such as attending French classes at a school... But there are also lots of other ways which are equally effective and, best of all, completely free.

Practice French

How to keep up and practise your French once you’re back home

eric - 28/09/2016
Tips to learn French

Check out some simple advice to help you practise your favourite language until your next visit to Antibes! :)


10 tips to learn French fast

alexia - 12/08/2016
Tips to learn French

Here are 10 tips to learn French fast

Visit France

Advice for beginners learning French

anna - 12/07/2016
Tips to learn French

Learn a simple way to introduce yourself...

Free time

Your Language Study Holiday in France from A to Z

anna - 26/04/2016
Tips to learn French

A language study holiday at CIA is THE perfect mix of relaxing and learning in the place to be: the French Riviera!

DELF Examination

Why pass the DELF examination?

eric - 21/04/2016
Tips to learn French

One of the most important reasons for taking this exam is your pleasure and pride when you pass it!

The jazz

Why take an interest in French films and songs when learning French?

alexandre - 14/04/2016
Tips to learn French

Coming to Antibes to learn French in France means that you want to immerse yourself in listening to the rhythms of French.

Learning French

Why learn French?

alexandre - 08/04/2016
Tips to learn French

Many say that learning French is important for travel, not only within France but also in other French-speaking countries, and they’re right.


Catch the French wave !

alexia - 25/03/2016
Tips to learn French

Learn French with other teens this summer : learn to speak French while enjoying one of the most exciting destination in the world.