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Jazz à Juan

Join the CIA for tailored classes in French and enjoy the great “Jazz à Juan” festival.

The 14th of July is not only the French National Day, this year it is also the kick start of “Jazz à Juan”, a not-to-be-missed festival on the French Riviera. Ten full days of musical celebration bringing together legendary artists and up-and-coming jazz bands, all accompanied with cicadas and playing in the shade of the pine trees.

The line-up for this 56th edition Jazz à Juan is rich and varied

Earth Wind and Fire, Buddy Guy, Gregory Porter, Diana Krall and Paolo Conte will all be present. On the Frenchies’ side, the legendary Didier Lockwood will be playing, as well as Eddy Mitchel and his Big Band. Many young bands will take on the stage for the Off section of the festival, including Manon Siccardi Quartet, Buckshot GALA, and the Pierre Marcus Quartet. Like every year, musicians from all over the world will be coming to Juan les Pins to celebrate this event: China, Austria, Japan, Monaco, USA, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, Cameroun, Belgium — the festival is truly international. All styles of jazz are represented and the festival also organizes various side activities for the public. An exhibition of photographs by Philip Ducap capturing the essence of jazz players and singers is on show at the tourist information office in Antibes. In addition to this, many local restaurants are offering special menus allowing visitors to combine jazz with the discovery of Franco-Mediterranean gastronomy.

Although English is the official language of jazz...

There are many French songs that have become jazz classics. Remember Louis Armstrong’s interpretation of “C’est si bon” written by Betti and Hornez, or “Les Feuilles Mortes” by Kosma and Prévert, and “Que reste-t-il de nos amours?” by Charles Trénet. The sonorities of the French language lend themselves perfectly to the humming and the groove of jazz music, so why not discover this language through music? The International Center of Antibes is located just a 10-minute drive away from the Jardins de la Pinède where the “Jazz à Juan” festival is taking place. Our teachers use a great variety of pedagogical support, including songs. Studying French through music is an excellent way to combine learning with pleasure, and to make quick progress. Music lovers and language enthusiasts should look no further! Join the Centre International d'Antibes for tailored classes in French and enjoy the great “Jazz à Juan” festival.

Improve your French at the Centre International d'Antibes

zoe - 22/07/2016

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