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Five things you shouldn’t miss in Antibes

At the Centre International d’Antibes, you can have both: fun and classes in French.

You’ll soon find out that at the Centre International d’Antibes, you can do both learn French and have fun in Antibes . After class or at the weekend, once you’ve arrived in Antibes, you will be able to check out some of its iconic sights. There’s sure to be some activities or tours which you will enjoy. Here’s a taster of some of the places and monuments associated with Antibes – I’ve picked out five for you.

Fort Carré

Firstly, you’ll have noticed that pictures of Antibes often depict the town walls and military fort. The fort is Fort Carré, which is French for ‘Square Fort’ – but it’s not really a square, it actually forms the shape of a star! The fort was built in the mid-sixteenth century. At the end of the seventeenth century, it was redeveloped by a well-known architect named Vauban. Fort Carré, which once served to protect the local inhabitants, has now become something of a symbol of our town.

Grimaldi Castle

The second sight which you absolutely cannot miss is Grimaldi Castle. The building is home to the famous Picasso Museum. It exhibits paintings and ceramic works by the master, but also offers a splendid panorama over the port. After visiting the castle, you can head into the old town to discover regional products at the Provencal market. It is the perfect spot in which to appreciate the fragrances and flavours of Provence.

Port Vauban

The third famous location is Port Vauban. If you visit here, you’ll be able to tell your friends that you have been to Europe’s largest marina! Spend some time gazing at the magnificent yachts moored in Quai des Milliardaires (‘Billionaires’ Quay’), or taking photos of the Nomade, a poetic sculpture made up of a patchwork of letters woven into a human silhouette.

Cap d'Antibes

Don’t forget the famous Cap d’Antibes and its luxury villas. Lots of VIPs (or ‘Personnes Très Importantes’ to use the proper French term, though you’re just as likely to hear the more familiar version...) have elected to set up home in this area (for example, Roman Abramovich, Boris Berezovsky, etc.). The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is a luxury hotel frequented by celebrities, located at the very tip of the cape. Take in the unrestricted view over Antibes from La Garoupe, where you will also see the pretty lighthouse on the coast. And, of course, Antibes would be nothing without its beaches. We have beaches of fine sand, rock and shingle – something to suit every taste!

The Beaches

Discover the beaches of La Gravette, La Salis and La Siesta. In total, the commune has nearly 25 kilometres of coastline, where you can take part in every kind of water sport (beach volleyball, diving, etc.) or simply take a dip and work on your tan. So, no time to lose! Come and discover Antibes, an unforgettable town!

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romain - 24/08/2016

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